AP's official horticulture department site shows 'for sale'!

We have just noticed the official Government website of the Department of Horticulture, Andhra Pradesh www.aphorticulture.com shows up as ‘for sale’. Other Government websites still link to aphorticulture.com even now.

Possibly it is the carelessness of the department in renewing the domain name that led to some squatter grab the domain name and put it up for sale for a ransom, or some other lack of processes that let the domain go into some one else’s hands. In any case, it is quite sad to note how much importance is being paid to a portal that is so important to the farming community. To be fair, it was quite an informative website with department contacts, package of practices, details of schemes, statistics etc. as you will see in an old screenshot below.

From FarmNest.com, we will try to bring this to the notice of the powers-that-be to urgently correct this and to avoid such goof-ups in future. We will keep you posted on the developments.


I have been also noticing the same for a few months. it seems that this department is worst. nobody take care of it. The higher officials most take corrective steps immediatly


Looks like the new site is put up at aphorticulture.nic.in though the name and links need updates at a lot of places.

Some respite!  :slight_smile: