Aproximation of cost, land developments

dear members

Area  : 20 acere
Crops planned , HD Mango, Nelli, Coconut, G 9 banna, mix fruits, melia dubia (or any other timber crops) and 25 goats,
and 5 cows
area : Plain little slop land close to forest prone to wild bores, deers (hope to prevent by solar)
facilities available : 1 bore well with motor , 2 bore well w/o motor, Open well for water storage and distribution with mono motor and small hut for labours
Present cultivation : some crops of cocount, mango, nelli…etc not maintained properly

Pls guide me and correct the approximation in costings for entire 20aceres I have made

Solar fencing 4.00
Land leveling, Terrace etc         2.50
Farm house 2.50
Tractor, equipments 6.00
Bore well, piping 2.00
Bore motor 2 nos 1.00
Sprinkler infrastructure 3.00
Cow/goat shed 0.50
Total 21.50

Running expenses
Labour -  2 persons/resident Rs 200/day 1.5
Labour maintainace other exp                 0.24
Plantation exp Rs 30k per acere         6.00
Fodder cultivation  - 2 acere               0.15
Goats  -25 nos , 5 cow                       0.80
Emergency /caution depo Rs 15k./acere       3.00
Total working capital required             10.91

pls guide me if I have missed any other parameters to be considered and whether the approximation of costing is close to real (reasonable or over hyped or under estimate) or any possible suggestions to reduce the cost.


increase farm house cost to 4L. Livestock shed needs atleast 2l(roof sheets for 20X40 area will be around 80K)

Add vermi compost tank 40K

My suggestion for banana: go for drip irrigation.(watch out solar fencing is must otherwise wild boars will destry this in day1)

second step is construct a bio digester(not for prodcuing bio gas)
It works like this: Desi cow urine+dung mix it and keep for 12 hrs add 5 verities leaves preferable which cows doesnt eat. If you are adding this raw you have keep atleast 1 week for retention. If you boil all leaves in seprate container and add to bio digester you can use it immediately.
Calculate your tank capacity based on plants and power available time
Feed it thru drip after proper filtration. This will increase atleast 4 to 5 Kg/palnt yeild in banana. In a summary you are irrigating  with value added water regularly.

This is practical experince of few farmers.

Dear Sri,

thanks well noted reg farm house, I just need a shelter for me and family not luxurious. hope can do it with given budget,.

See ultimate aim is , farming, sustainability and a revenue for maintenance of life. considering the farm development cost, working capital…etc,  need 1.5-2 lca per acre income.  so better we reduce input cost where ever possible till the farm is ready and start to generate some income.  I think need to work out a model where own capital investment for infra and running capital min and thus generate income, from that income do more farming. I do not have that previlage to calculate entire project cost and keep money in bank to draw any time when I added all these cost which is apart from land procurement cost, I wondered and tensed… whether my dream to develop a good farm would completed or it would remain a dream…hoping for the best and trying level best to get more ideas…

need more inputs, guidance in this regards.