Anyone with Honda Rotary Tiller (FE500/FJ500) Near Shoolagiri (TN)


I am in the process of setting up a small farm (1 acre) near Shoolagiri (TN). My plan is to go for mixed cultivation of Mango/Citrus/Custard Apple/Papaya/Vegetables. Any members with farms nearby, who I can visit and learn from? Especially, anyone using mini tillers such as Honda FE500/FJ500 or similar? I am keen to buy, but would like to see (and if possible try) one in action before I make the purchase.

Many thanks,
Narayan Kamath

Any idea how much does it cost? I am thinking of buying one.

I checked at a shop in Bangalore, and there was a Honda rotary tiller selling for ~73000. I forgot which model it was. The bare unit only consisted of regular tynes. Even the wheel ( for easy transportation) is extra. Also, other accessories like furrowing tool etc are extra.