Anyone tried Solid rain?

“Desperate times call for desperate measures”

Anyone tried this super absorbent polymer which promises to help in drought conditions?

Found a local dealer who is selling it for about Rs 2400/kg and recommends 150g/coconut tree mixed with about 15liters of water. All the reviews and youtube videos look promising, just checking here to see if anyone have tried it.


I looked into hydrogel crytals sometime back. Can’t find the link / page that explained… There was this woman researcher who has shown it to be a very bad idea for soil health. Apparently the chemicals (hydrocarbons) in the material leach after a few years of use.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures”

Anyone tried this super absorbent polymer which promises to help in drought conditions?                                         

Dear Sri Senthil,

Hope the price stated by you is not correct and it is available for very much lesser price, by some reputed companies.

Up to my knowledge , Indian Agriculture Research Institute has developed Hydrogel in India during 2011_12 , firstly and given this technology to few companies. In this one company “universal Carborandum ltd”, hope a Murugappa group company. The above company has very reputed name in grinding wheel industry

I spoke to their Executive and found correct. Here I give his contact details and if you feel you can proceed further. Sri jagadeesh, executive of Corborundum universal ltd , 09449081339.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,  farmer

I once was referred for hydrogel by a local nursery when we were not available at home for longer period and my lucky bamboo plants required water.

What was promised:

Little water plus hydrogel crystals will retain moisture for longer duration
Absoluteley no harm to plants
Not expensive

What we experienced

By the time we came back, plants died. Roots were rotten


Saravana Kumar

Thanks for the info, i did find hyrdrogel at the local store for 500Rs/kg and ended up trying for about 50trees will see how it goes.

Someone suggested using the baby coir waste which is a better option, might not hold as much water but we will feel safe putting it in the soil.

Also deep drip irrigation is something we are looking at.

Hope we get some rain soon!

we are the one of the Authorized dealers of solid Rain , you can contact us in the below Number , we will provide you the best prize for the bulk orders , really it  is a promising product

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Hi Saravanan,

    yes hydrogel cannot hold the water for longer time , whereas Solid-Rain can do that magic , i can assure it is one of the technology to save the water for a longer time and we are the Authorized distributor , we can provide you the best prize for the Bulk orders , we can courier you the product wherever you want .

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Some of the the FAQ of SOLID RAIN which is a new technology to save water and it can save farmers, You can sow/plant any season with out depending on rain/water and it can give a High yield , some of the FAQ of the Product which clarifies many things .

Distributor - Govindarajan.K /Mobile:97417 84949
FAQ 1:-
Is it the same as the hydrogel?

No, hydrogels, even if they are a water-absorbing polymer, its chemical structure is different, are formulated with sodium, making them less able to retain water, your life is one quarter of the Solid and Rain eventually end up being counterproductive to the crop or plants

Solid Rain base is potassium polyacrylate, whose molecular structure of absorbing and retaining up to 200 times its weight in water. The lifespan of Solid Rain is up to 10 years undermining their capacity to absorb 10% a year, during which they will provide the plant of a regular supply of water, avoiding water stress by promoting aeration, avoiding percolation and evaporation. Rain Solid particles can be dried and re-hydrated each crop cycle.

FAQ 2:-

Is contaminant Solid Rain?

Solid Rain are not toxic pollutants into the environment, do not affect the subterranean fauna Nor if you mistakenly ingested by an animal.

FAQ 3:-

Is it compatible with solid fertilizers Rain?

With Solid Rain installed in the substrate will yield savings in fertilizer use either water soluble or not, since nutrients are longer in contact with the root of the plant.

FAQ 4:-

What is the technology of Solid Rain and how it can help communities where there is no water?
The process begins with the collection of rainwater from roofs generally to be stored in water tanks or any type of clean container .It incorporate water in the quantities required to result in the “Solid Rain”. This is stored in plastic bags in a place in the shade. Rain solid is ready to be used in crops and plantations until a year after being collected.

FAQ 5:-

Is it costly to apply this technology?

Application of Solid Rain either cultivators, horticulture, gardens, reforestation, etc. It is not expensive. It is much more expensive when these crops and reforestation thousands of trees are lost due to lack of water.

FAQ 6:-

How long the investment is recovered?

The investment is recovered in about a year.

FAQ 7:-

Do you serve for hydroponics?

Solid Rain is excellency reservoir of water and fertilizer for hydroponics by the type of substrate used by decreasing the loss of these.