Anyone into Nati OR Giriraja OR Swarnadhara chicken rearing around Bangalore

Hi anyone into Nati or Giriraja or Swarnadhara chicken rearing around Bangalore.

If anyone has researched, attempted or are successfully doing it can share some insight into the below points.

some info based out of research and personal survey, plz comment if its incorrect.

  1. Chicks availability—
    a. Nati chicks are not avlbl in large quantities ( yes they wr avlbl a year back or so but now I cld not find any chick sellers) in any case if they are avlbl they wld be too costly around 75-100/chick. So guess need to create our own parent stock.
    b. Giriraja chicks are avlbl at veterinary college hebbal for around 12-14/chick
    c.  Swarnadhara chicks, even they are avlbl at veterinary college hebbal, but not sure of the cost.

  2. Marketing, selling of birds—
    a. Nati chicken has huge demand at the chicken stalls in/around Bangalore, infact last couple of months there are no proper supplies so the stall owners are getting them from Andra at additional cost.(transport)
    b. Giriraja  chicken is gaining popularity due to the unavailability of Nati chicken.
    C.  Swarnadhara chicken …not know

  3. Selling price—
    a. Nati birds due to demand supply gap are been sold at 400-500/bird at the village markets around Bangalore/Mysore.
    b. Giriraja  chicken is sold at 250-300/kg at retail.
    c. Swarnadhara chicken …price not know

  4. Rearing cost–??
    (including chik price, transport, medicine, feed cost, labor cost, etc)

  5. anything else that has to be considered.

I’m planning to start rearing any of the above(after checking feasibility and market avlblity) in a small batch of say 100-200 nos for additional income frm my farm.

Also hav heard that the guy who earns 22lakhs/annum from 2.1 acres nr Doddabalapura is rearing 250 nos Griraja and get a revenue of 1 lakh for every three months.

Any inputs wld be highly appreciated.


his name is Mr. sadananda, cell no is 9342022146.

According to the article in Hindu paper, he is earning 1 lakh per year from 250 Giriraja chicken.

The Giriraja chickens were reared for meat purpose mainly.

Poultry development centre in Bangalore will supply on order. In andhra pradesh, natu chicken rate is same as yours.

In my experience, rearing natu chicken in poultry methodology is waste of money but can thrive if fed with agriculture wastes and self hatching chicks.

We have to experiment with Sadananda’s idea of only feeding chicken with agriculture wastes.

I am started rearing 120 Gramapriya chickens stirred into 84 finally and stable. Whatever breeds our so called scient-ists develop, that breed will have great difference in mortality rate and lot more vulnerable to all kinds of poultry diseases.

Why cannot we breed and rear desi natu chickens is that they are not an effective food converters. So rearing them is not suggested in India.

Lets see if someone can come up with a better idea

Hi Sadhu,

  Have you increased you chick numbers. can you please let me know how much of space is requied for around 200 chicks.


One square feet per bird will be ideal. For 200 birds it will be 200 sft.

I did not increase the flock as space i have is limited. I am hatching the eggs with natu chicken as these hybrids does not have brooding characteristic.

I reared my chicken on poultry feed for more than 7 months, feeding cost did not meet the production, thus it is a loss.

Now I started giving them sprouted whole grains which is saving me some cost. I will feeding vegetables soon.

Don’t take that these hybrids will earn so much money, marketing is a different thing. If market value is 250-300 per KG, ex-farm rate will be like 120-160/- only.

Actually small farmers will sell 1-5 birds at one given depending on the flock size he had. If we raise these birds in a hut feeding commercial feed, it will be a loss for us. We should sell a decent number of chicken at a given time else feeding cost will increase.

Take into consideration of all facts and act upon friend.

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Hello Mr sadhu

What is the price of nati eggs? In blore mys area or your place.
Generally to what weight will these nati koli gain max .is it differing according to breed? If so which nati breed is of more weight. Pls give me some experienced input.

Actually sir I’ve started a country chicken farm in Tamil Nadu in a big leval where I can leave 2000 chicks
What would be the marketing status for those pure country chicken n how can I get buyers for tat
And wat would be the price if buyers are buying from Bangalore

Did you find any buyers sir?