Anybody enaged Consultant?

I want to know if anybody in our forum has engaged a consultant for developing their farm.

  1. What are the areas they provide information (like farm design, plan, marketing etc)?
  2. What is the consultant fee (is it per acre or different)?
  3. How long they are engaged with the farm?

Contact 9813263838 Mr. Karan Sikri for the consultation he do not charge for advising but help you in growth.

Have you engaged anyone? How is your experience if you could share.

I have not engaged any consultant. But zoomed in on 2 models which seems to be working very well.

  1. “Platform and Trench Method” by Bhaskar Save
  2. “ZBNF” by Subhash Palekar
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So are you in Orchid farming using ZBNF or into vegetables , pulses etc? Some more details of your farm design and practice will be very helpful.

I have not established my farm yet. If you want more details about design and other things, please check below.

Dear Friend
Agriculture have lot of array, one consultant can’t be expert in all things. There are different consultant some have expertise in sowing of horticulture plants, nursery development, landscaping of farm land if you are going for eco- tourism, vegetable cultivation and its marketing, regular crops and its marketing. Experts in Agriculture ailed business such as dairy, gottery, poultry etc. It will be better if you can focus your target area and then hire the consultant of that field, who will be able to provide end to end service.
All the best.

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Firstly, we know that this is an old thread but we think this is a great question!

We are answering as agribusiness consultants.

Globally, agriculture is seeing renewed interest and investment, especially from the younger generation and those of non-farming backgrounds. This makes for an exciting time, as new ideas, dreams and vigour are being poured into a variety of agricultural ventures.

There are now all sorts of novice, diversifying and expanding farmers bringing their own skill-sets to to enhance a farming project. Many new entrants to agriculture are inquisitive, resourceful and often educated to degree level or professional. For others, taking control of their own farm will be a fruit of years of agri-work, perhaps as a manager or farm-hand.

This means the areas in which farmers/agribiz owners seek consultancy will be incredibly varied and most often focused on the areas where they lack confidence/experience or are simply out of ideas. Consultants, similarly, are a diverse group, most often with specific strengths, speciality and expertise who can guide/inform/advise/deliver on a variety of areas including:

-Acquisition of land/farms/property by purchase/lease/rental
-Survey/analyse land: e.g. soils/ suitability for specific projects
-Financial/metric projections
-Optimal use of land/livestock/labour
-Processes and procedures
-Marketing and distribution of product

Consultants can work remotely or be retained to work in-house as part of the team. Most will be solutions focused and not involved in the day to day running of the farm.

Fees may be fixed, a monthly/quarterly retainer or based on deliverable agreed. From experience we find consultancy works best where there is a specific, clear goal, a client is patient
(results/profits grow like trees) and consultant is not dragged into the day to day running of the business.

We like to inform, educate and strengthen clients so they can eventually drive their desired momentum in-house without reliance. Simply put we build on strengths and avoid exploitation of weaknesses.

To this end we have developed online-tools to assist prospective farmers in planning a successful operation. The first is ready and is a custom poultry farming project report hardwired with all the metrics you need to author a bankable business plan. It is completed by simply filling in a form. We will be expanding to other agricultural sectors over time.

We invite you to take a look and contact us directly if you need assistance with anything. We love problem solving.

Thank you for your time in reading.