Any way of knowing if water exists in the ground below-before digging a borewell

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Is there a way of knowing, at the time of digging a bore well, if good source of water exists below.

Does anyone know of a plant, that normally grows above such places, if this plant is noticed, for sure, there is water below - heard about such a plant, but not sure what is the name or what type of plant this is.

Looking for feedback/comments

From a Sanskrit book called “Jalaparijnanam” (with Malayalam commentary. Appears to be derived from writings of Varahamihira), there are several trees and other indications for underground water. The names of the trees are in Sanskrit and the Malayalam equivalents are also given. Since you are from Sindhudurg, let me describe two such slokas for you.
Locate a Jamun tree. Go north 3 yards  (about 3 meters)  from the tree. Dig to a depth of twice the height of a person (about 3.5 m). You will locate an Indra sira (eastern water vein). At one persons depth, you will find white coloured soil with metallic aroma and frog in the soil. These two are additional indications.

Let it be any tree, but if a frog recides permanently at its foot, then go north 1 yard (1 m) from the tree and dig upto 4.5 times a persons height (~7 to 8 m) then you shall surely locate water.[/i]

There are other trees but the names are in Sanskrit and Malayalam. Let us know how successful you are with this traditional knowlwedge.

k vinod kumar

पृथिवी सस्यशालिनी
the earth be green

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I heard from elders that if there are “ant-hill” , there will be water below that, not sure how successful it is, but just thought of sharing.

btw, can you please share the plant names what you have heard?

vinodkumar, thanks for sharing. do you have .pdf format or link for the book Jalaparijnanam

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I have heard the below 2 technique but i’m not sure,

  1. Put some Nava Daniyam( It is the mixture of 9 cereals) in one place in the farm and the ant used to store all of them in one place (where we have underground water) and if it is a rainy season u can find the Nava Daniya plants where the ant stores. There u can find some water

  2. Some people told me that, let 2 or 3 cows in the farm for 3 to 5 days and notice a cow that used to sit daily in a same place. There u can find some water, since cow can sense the underground water to cool its body.


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thank you for the information was quite wonderful knowledge do you have the english version of it…

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Dear friends,

The Jalaparijnanam is in paper book form. Moreover it is in Malayalam script.

Let me see whether I can create a version in Devanagari script with English translation.

Still let us know, whether you are successful with the knowledge.

The book was published by Panchangam Pustaka Shala at Kunnamkulam, Thrissur (website The Malayalam commentary was by Kanippayyur Sankaran Namboodiripad. The Kanippayyur family is famous for their knowledge and promotion of the Indian sastras of Jyotisha, Vastu, Ayurveda.

We had dug a well after taking the advice of Kanippayyur Krishnan Namboodiripad few years back. It was a conventional well and water was found. Now I realize that there indeed is a Jamun tree to the south of the well!

Another clarification from the book is that a “persons height” is with his arms held up, not upto the top of the head as normally done. So the “persons height” is around 2.4 meters.


पृथिवी सस्यशालिनी
the earth be green