Any Single Phase Submersible motor for 1000 Feet


We have drilled a bore of 1000 Feet, we didn’t find any water during drilling. However, a week later we see water at 100 Feet.

We have a single phase connection, I am looking for a single phase submersible pump that can
pump water to first floor.

  1. Can I opt for “TEXMO SUBMERSIBLE SINGLE PHASE PUMP TRF 540 HS” (3HP , 40 Stage Motor)
  2. What should be the length of the pipe. Can I put 900 Feet pipe and motor at 900 feet depth.
  3. How should I be choosing cable/wire? Can I use a 4 Sq mm cable or should I opt for 6 Sq mm cable. Please provide cable sizing chart for single phase.
  4. At my place we usually have voltage fluctuations and the single phase voltage might be around 200 Volts or less. Do I need to choose a 6 Sq mm cable because of low voltage. Will low voltage have any impact. (I am anyway buying a good panel/starter)
  5. Is it advisable to choose a 3HP Pump for a single phase connection? Will this have any downside?
  6. What would be the energy consumption of “TEXMO SUBMERSIBLE SINGLE PHASE PUMP TRF 540 HS” on a single phase connection? Please provide product manual.
  7. What would be the Flow Rate at 900 Feet depth. How many Litres Per Hour?
  8. Could you please send “manual for installation” “TEXMO SUBMERSIBLE SINGLE PHASE PUMP TRF 540 HS”


Hi Ravi,

Texmo TRF 540 HS 3Hp would offer a head support of maximum 254m and discharge 1.25" inches of water max 15 LPM. (Attached performance chart)

Cable Sizing;

First of all a 3HP single phase 220V motor seems would draw a full load current (FLC) of 18A. When you have low voltage problem or longer cable run this current increases much more. Subsequently leading to coil burn.

A 6 cable (good quality copper) would do the job.


A)Why only single phase? No three phase power?
B)What is the level at which you stuck water when boring?

If I was in your place;I would

  • Put a 3hp 220V three phase motor
  • Have a phase shifter instead of a regular starter to convert 1ph 220V to 3ph 220V suitable for 3ph motor
  • Use cable

i.e if my budget permits & technically single phase solution gets complicated.


Saravana Kumar

Thanks Sarvana Kumar.
A) We don’t have three phase power
B) We drilled this bore during first week of June and we didn’t hit water at any point.