Any Papaya varieties tolerant to viral diseases in 2024?

Do you have any experience with virus tolerant varieties or hybrids of papaya in recent times?

Tolerance seems to have broken down in Taiwan Red lady, based on our experience over several crops in recent years. Hearing the same from many others.
IPB9 used to be good but does not seem to be available now.
Lalpari from United Genetics seemed okay on tolerance but yield has been pretty low in one of our farms. We are also trying out some Ecosynk Iceberry and No. 15 - it will be some time before we know how they perform.

No 15 papaya variety should be best against papaya viruses and for better yield, follow good natural practices before any disease attacks along with sour butter milk spray regularly, gokrupamrutham along with cow manure.

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Thanks @RameshN.

We grow organically, so will monitor No. 15 for its performance.
(Edit No. 5 ā†’ No. 15)

I also have the same experience from the Red lady. My last two crops were really flop. Iā€™m looking for the #15 saplings around Bangalore/Magadi, do you know any place where I can get them ?

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Nurseries/farmers in Maharashtra transport saplings if the order is above a few thousand plants.

We also found local nurseries in Hyderabad who raise No. 15 variety, so I would think nurseries in and around Bangalore should also have them.

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