Any one using mechanical transplanter for rice?

Hi , I am trying to find if its effective to use transplanter for rice…?

I have come across , where they are selling a china made machine ?

Would like to get your insight about cost effective tranplantation of rice plants.

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There are many indian manufacturers with 8 row transplaners are available both walk through or riding type
They are good and service available China makes are cheaper but no track history and no service.

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Can you please share some more information on these transplanters ? how much would it cost to buy  and if there is any significant difference in yields between manually transplanted vs Mechanically transplanted crops

Can we adapt SRI method using mechanical transplanters?

Definitely SRI method is yeilding better result .Transplanter cost about 1.45 lakhs  subsidized .Best one should have
1 Should have hydraulic adjustment
2 Row adjustment
3 Riding type better than Walking type.
4.Simple planter picker
5.Diesel driven

Hi Thanks for your valuable inputs.

is there any specific model that you would recommend ?

Also is the subsidy state government subsidy in Tamilnadu or central government subsidy?

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We have seen some of the farmers using mahindra machines in sakaleshpur, karnataka state. U can find out all experiences from AD of Agriculture department.

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I’d prefer a drum seeder which is very effective and low cost.
I got a drum seeder for Rs.4800/= ( without any subsidy ) and seeded paddy in my two thirds of an acre land in just about three hours. Anybody can use this machine  as it is very simple.
Now , I have recovered the cost of the machine in the first crop itself and I hope to use this machine at least for the next 10 years .
In my opinion it is better to get simple and effective machines and minimise labour than going in for elimination of labour altogether.
I don’t know how it will work for larger farms but I think one can scale and spread the work to a few more days and work leisurely.

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Can you please post some pics and shop info for the drum seeder. I has seen one from KSNM marketing Coimbatore. But it was all plastic so did not know if it was durable.


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While you are looking for the rice transplanter , I suggest you try SRI (System of Rice Intensification)method in a small area of your paddy field on an experimental basis, I have read and heard a lot about the method of paddy cultivation which started in Madagascar and many progressive farmers are adopting this and the claim to be getting better yields than from the conventional method.



This was the one I bought and it works really well.
One problem I faced was , use of more seeds ( around seven to eight ) per hole / hill since I used the super fine variety of Seeraga Samba paddy .
This paddy’s size is smaller than that of the fine variety Ponni RICE

One idea is to boil some other paddy , dry it and mix with fine varieties in equal ratio so that the number of saplings will be less.