Any one can help to give info on DEE JAY coconut saplings

Hi This is Rajan from Tamil Nadu, Thanjavur District.
We have 10 acres of coconut farms, last year it was affected by Gaja cyclone. Most of the trees were damaged and it was removed too. so we prefer to plant with new saplings. But little confused on sapling selection, some of them suggest TXD (give benefits for long duration) & some others suggest DxT(Give better yield in short duration but it only for two decades).
From this I prefer DxT and heard about DEEJAY coconut saplings, Experienced farmers can give a pros & cons on DEEJAY or any other suggestions. it would be helpful for our people for a better sapling selection.

please contact 9965449862

Hi? Speak to Mr.Hegde on 9448609964.He is head of sales.