Any machine to remove weed and a automatic siren?

Hi All,
    we have planted Soybean, jowar, tur etc in almost 10 acres .
Weeds are growing fast and it may hamper the growth of plantation.
Manuel weeding is not economical at all since laborers are not efficient and also not economical.

Meanwhile one of agri experts suggestd a pesticide which I do not want to use .

Is any one aware of any automatic/manual machine that can do the job quickly .

Also I am looking for some automtic, battery driven siren that wil trigger for every half an hour or so and keep wild animals away from the farm . 

Please provide your valiable inputs .

Below was the thread I have started for this new piece of land, please refer if need any further info. … 0/#msg5130


There is a cattle driven implement called danti that uproots weeds between the rows, followed by some manual labour to remove the ones between the plants.

But you have just put down what I have been trying to identify the last few days while planting maize and red gram - ways to minimize labour and maximize implement use all through the crop cycle. It is worthwhile to pool ideas to do this - another topic maybe.

Pretty impressive video here:

You have not mentioned how the seeds were planted? Broadcast/sowed in lines etc.
If you broadcasted, then manual efforts required for controlling/removing weeds.
If planted in lines, than make use of bullock pulling article (Negilu or Kunte in Kannada) which removes weeds and also fill extra soil near roots of the plant in line for strengthening them. Even machine operated instruments also can be used.
Ensure, you should have precaution to have correct spacing for doing inter cultivation for controlling weeds.

You uses to get opinion from members before doing any work, how come you missed this?

  thanks a lot for your expert advise as usual. You are always there to help members .
All the plantation sowed are in lines. This is done with help of local village peoples who will do it in conventional way so spacing and all is taken care by these peoples.

Thanks once again for your help .

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Swamy wants to see happiness in all, wishing you all the best and please put some photos as I love photographs which have meaning of more than thousand words.

    please find pics taken just 2 days ago .

At this stage, these weeds grown between the line of the crops can be pulled manually with the help of small weeder,
2 persons-one is to pull another one is to hold the weeder can complete 2 to 3 acre a day, at least they can complete one acre in  worst case scenario.

If you have electric fencing, then that company also provides the siren.
We have galagher electric fence and there is siren capability. The siren has settings where it will ring on different levels of sensitivity. It ranges from highly sensitive where even if something touches it will ring to least sensitive where if the fence is brought down, it will ring.
We have elephant menace in our area, so we have kept it at least sensitivity. If anything touches the fence and walks away, then it is not a problem. The problem with elephants is that they dont care about the fence and uproot the whole thing. Thats when we can hear about the problem and run out and drive them away.


Hi Nikhil,
    thanks for the info .
As of now I am not in a position to spend on solar fencing or any other fencing . I have already started process for natural fencing which will show results after a year of so .

Meanwhile I need a siren that shouts for every half an hour, so that deers and neelgaay will run away with this noise .
Ideally it should cost just few hundred rupees, which is the cheapest solution in my mind as on today .

can you please provide info how much  you spent on this fencing ?  Approximately what will be the cost for 800 meters long fencing ?

What you need is timer based circuit connected to speakers. You should approach any electronics person who does customised circuits and discuss and get it made with him. However I am not sure if the sound will travel 800 meters or speaker cable can be stretched that long.
Fencing cost will be high if you are thinking about the cost, I am not sure about present rates, our system is 6 years old. We just upgraded with siren system recently.You should check local fence dealers to get price information.

Anyway good luck.

I would suggest to once use Multipurpose weeder that has been developed by a company in Jharkhand. I have seen and its very useful for any dry land field. There are multiple accessories which can be added as per the requirement.



Why cant you visit Agrimart showroom or check this website  They are selling agriculture equipments.

Hi Mohit and batevani,
    thanks for your inputs, I will visit website and get back to you peoples if need more info .