Another video of our recent solar water pumping solution @ Madanapalle

Dear All,

Here is the link to the video of our another recent solar water pumping system installation;

[glow=red,2,300]Project Capacity: 6Hp & 5Hp[/glow]

[glow=green,2,300]Type of pump: 6Hp 3phase V6 Borewell Submersible Pump & 5Hp 3phase Openwell Submersible Pump
Total Area in acres: 10 acres
Type of Application: Pumping from borewell to farm pond & from farm pond to drip lines
Location: Madanapalle, Chitoor Dist
Bore Depth: 360ft
Head: Vertical 325ft
Delivery: 2"
Peak Discharge: 210LPM
Avg Start Time: 7.30AM
Avg Stop Time: 5.30PM
Openwell Submersible pump: Head @ 32m
Openwell submersible pump peak discharge: 420LPM
Type of Panels: 6000Watts Monocrystalline Application Class A Panels
Pump Controller: 3phase VFD with MPPT & Harmonic Filter
Mounting: Fixed [/glow]

This project is developed after understanding the water requirement of the customer, who wanted to drip irrigate 10 acres of land.

The water from borewell is pumped to the farm pond using a 6hp pump erected @ 98m head. And the 5hp pump in the pond pumps water @ 32m head to the drip lines.This site is also supplied with a 500w inverter,battery & solar system to supplement farmhouse loads.

This project video was taken during the erection when the site was still in WIP stage, and now everything is live. I shall surely upload a new video as soon as we get a chance to visit the site again.

A special note of thanks to the customer, who showed full faith in our ability to undertake and complete the project, which was challenging and technically demanding and for all the freedom and independence given to us through out the project starting from designing till execution.

Hope you enjoy seeing the video.


I am looking for a solar pump on my open well having depth of 22 Meters. We need to operate drip Irrigation system for 15 Acres horticultural plantation at my farm near Aurangabad (Maharashtra).
Please let me know Techno - commercial details.
Ramesh Pokerna.


We would need few details like;

A)Total pumped water requirement per day
B)Head required for your drip lines

Please share your contact details for a brief discussion to understand your specific requirements.

Proper requirement analysis helps us to design a trouble free solution that matches your exact needs.

You can email me at or call me at 09566600477.

Best Regards,

I have 10 acres of land in Rajasthan.

  1. What is the procedure to make it done?? I mean whom to approach and any permission we need to take??
  2. What will be the cost of implementation and how much subsidy Govt. will provide for this??
  3. The whole setup how much time it will take??

Thanks in advance !!

Dear Mr.Rakesh,

Thank you for the inquiry.

First thing to do is to estimate the water required daily for your 10 acres by ascertaining the kind of plantation you choose.

Second is to choose your water source to meet your requirement.

Third is to select a pump based on the above two.

Fourth is to design solar system to suit the electrical requirements of the pump.

So I need;

A)Total water requirement/day
B)ApplicationĀ  - Drip/Flood
C)Water Source

Once I have this info I can offer a suitable quote accordingly.

Whether you would qualify for subsidy will be known only when we decide the pump capacity.But normally subsidy if available only upto 5hp capacity.

Also, these days the price without subsidy is as less as compared to cost with subsidy, so you would very well would want to avoid all the hassles of paper work.

If you take subsidy route it might prove more costlier & time consuming, requires approval from state nodal agency & could take months or even a year.Especially now that the budgetary allotment for solar projects have been cut-down by almost 50%

But non-subsidy route would be much simpler and requires no special permission. Project can be completed in 15 to 20 days against order.

Thank you again,


Hi Saravana

Just a comment on the video - a bit less time and effort on the dramatic music and more on the actual system would have been good (and some voice over explanation showing the components and the challenges you faced)

Other than that, reading your very informative posts is very useful, so thank you for that.

Am designing both a permaculture farm (pilot) and solar powered drip irrigation system for peppercorn farm plantation (for client) here in Malaysia - do you have agent or contacts here that could support or just in India?




Hi Dennis,

Hope this is the link of what you are looking for;

And, no unfortunately we operate only in India. But having said that I am available 24/7 if at all you need me for anything.