Another IT Techie Turns Farmer (Soooon.....)

Finally on 1st November I decided to get into farming as I got possession of joint family property of 4 acres to my single name. All of us were trying to sell the land as we all live in metros and cities, but the price offered was too low and I particularly did not want to sell off the ancestral property. Secondly I wanted to come back to my hometown – Trivandrum –Kerala, after I lost my father last year (Father was looking at the property for last several years.)
So Why Farming for someone from the computer field?


  1. The opportunity to breathe in the countryside a little further from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  2. My love of the outdoors and hard work outside
  3. To Self Management = Independence
  4. I always admired this saying – “When you eat, Thank a Farmer”
  5. To grow healthy vegetables – free from chemical fertilizers and poisonous insecticides
  6. The cost to return ratio can sometimes be troubling
  7. Long hours throughout the year in many different weather conditions
  8. Volatility of markets, harvests (a farmers livelihood)
  9. Self Management = Lots of pressure for a someone supporting a family
  10. High amount of start-up costs
  11. Lack of farming skills and knowledge
  12. Higher risk of failure than some other jobs
  13. Leaving a comfort zone

As I put together this list I realized a couple of things. First of all I found that it was easier to find negatives than it was to find the positives (as you can see by the lists). But, that really wasn’t surprising because in times of quiet reflection I am pretty good at finding the negatives. The second thing I realized is that most of my reasons for wanting to farm could be considered, “dreamy” reasons and my reasons for not farming were rather practical. So, is it bad that I want to farm for " dreamy " reasons? Well, yes and no! I’m sure that doing things because it feels good or right can get you into all sorts of trouble … especially financially. But, I am also sure that we need to follow our hearts at times, and that there is nothing wrong with being a good old fashioned dreamy at times. I would like to farm because of the lifestyle. I would like to farm because of the connection to the creation. I would like to farm because others before me (my father, my grandfather) did and they loved it despite all of the stresses, pains, and troubles. And lastly I want to grow good healthy vegetables which are free from chemical poisons which are eating away our health.

I have been in this forum for last 3 years and was actively following threads of people who wanted to start fresh but without making any comments. For past 1 year I have been visiting various farms in Kerala and Tamilnadu.
So I request senior members to advice me in this with your valuable advice and suggestions.
Farm Location: Trivandrum –Kerala
I will post the pictures of my farm land in a couple of days.

Mahesh Aiyer

You are lucky sir. I have been looking for property since some time in maharashtra . Rates here are too high

Welcome Mahesh and best wishes for all success!
Keep us posted on your journey.

Not to worry Mahesh, I am sure you will come out with flying colours…

Your reasons are very valid and as far as the negative goes the list might be big but the reasonings are quite negligible, but for the family part of the story, if thats taken care the rest will fall in place.

All the best.

Mahesh…Good to see your post and All the best for your new career :slight_smile:

I’m sure lot of Techies wish to do the same, including me. Just waiting for “that time” to come to quit the job and become independent.

I would suggest you to have a blog (easy as you were a techie) and update your researches regularly either weekly or biweekly. This would help others to know about your farming methods and how you overcome challenges like climate, pests, rodents and marketing the produce. At the same time it will also be a reference for you some days/months/years later.

as you have mentioned…will wait for your farm photos and farm updates.


I will be getting into farming by Feb 2015.

All the very best…

“Hands that feed are holier than the lips that pray…”


Welcome Bhayya!

If you have already come to Farming WELCOME. Otherwise I am suggesting you not to Resign and start Farming with the Help of your Kith and Kin. After getting Success you can enter on full Time.Bhayya why don’t you Prepare a GOOD user Friendly software which can be used by a little educated Farmer can operate and Understand.
MANNE SN ,for vasudha Green Farms

Best of luck & best wishes…

Myself also back to india in 2015.

I love to start Dairy farm


I will join the agriculture and i will leave my job by feb 2015

Hello Mahesh,

Wish you good luck, and what to congratulate you on taking this daring step. I am also trying to get into agriculture for a while now and started in may this year (though not full time). I know how difficult it is to take up agriculture full time, you need lot of guts and confidence to take that plunge, and you did it. There are lot of experts/seniors here to help with silliest of questions to complex problems, all you have to do is ASK.

Please keep posting about the developments and upload lot of photographs.

All the very best…


Bhayya Ravi ! While welcoming to the Community of Farmers. we are sincerely suggesting you not to leave the Job . You continue the Farming with the Help of your Kith and kin.As and when you success and settled well you can decide whether to go or not.