An Indeterminate hybrid tomato yields more than 100 MT per acre

An indeterminate F1 Hybrid Hiltom yields more than 100 MT of fruits in one acre ( 4000 Sq M) when cultivated with 60 % organic and 40 % water soluble fertilizers . When the soil is fortified with enriched organic manure before transplanting and subsequently WSF alternated with liquid organic nutrients ,the crop grows steadily to reach the height of even 15-20 feet into the sky . First harvest is done in about 90 days .Every 3 rd node bears cluster of 5-6 fruits each weighing 230 grams on average . The least of the weight of fruit at fag end of growth is around 150 grams .Planted with 10000 seedlings per acre, each plant is grown on single stem thus maintaining quality and uniformity of weight of fruits . Since heavy bearing hybrid needs steady and sustained feeding of nutrients ,the organic and bio inputs play a vital role in obtaining maximum harvest without compromising the size and quality . The fruit has the extended keeping quality for over 3 weeks . In warm climate , 50% shadenet cloth will do better and in polyhouse or green house continuous production of yield is maintained with balanced plant nutrients and staking .
Also this Hiltom performs excellently well under hydroponics cultivation . Only few rare hybrids perform well in open field cultivation , polyhouse and greenhouse . One of the rare few is this Hiltom . So even an ordinary farmer who does not know about advanced production technologies can harvest minimum 60-70 MT as this tomato tolerates fluctuations in daily weather and has inbuilt resistence to fungal diseases like wilt and rot and tolerance to insect pest . This means only when the pest level crosses well beyond the Economic threshold level that significant reduction in yield is noticed .and under the prevailing circumstances of infestation ,with a round of less toxic insecticide spray the pest can be controlled without reduction in yield …

Very interesting.
I heard good things about this from @g.p.rao garu too and plan to try it out.

Good to see…I want to buy tomato or something else for selling …

How much quantity you need purchase?

Dear Dr Chandra sir,
when you made me re-entry to farmnest, i saw a message of Dr Ramu sir, he asked my phone number and i gave my number to him.
He then called and spoke with me and this HILLTOM ( T/R 1621 ) F1, tomato discussion came, I only told him, when he asked to inform me some new innovation information sir.
This information of Hybrid tomato, after informing you, i gave it to Dr Ramu sir, with full details and basing on that, he spoke to the Breeder Dr Seema madam of Tropica seeds sir.
Anyway, Dr Ramu sir brought this information to our farmer friends and if like minded farmers wants to grow this hybrid Tomato variety, HILLTOM - ( T/R 1621) F1, they can buy seeds from Tropica seeds, 373/1a, 2nd floor,7th main, 11th cross, Jayanagar 2nd block, Bengaluru-560011. If any one wants to see, they can visit their farm in Aluru village, Near Bagaluru,Hosur tq, Tamilnadu.
yours farmer friend, g.p.rao


You can place order online also

Dear g.p.rao sir,
Is this variety suitable for Jharkhand and specially around Ranchi?

From where can I buy it online?