Amla trees rejuvanation

I require expert advice for rejuvenation of my Amla (Nellikai) trees. We have 500 Amla trees BSR variety. These yield small sized fruits. I have the following issues with Amla

  1. The average yield till 4 years ago was around 60 – 70 Kgs per tree, the yield has dropped down to 20 Kgs per tree
  2. There are termite attacks on the trees, we carried out a termite treatment using diluted slaked lime or chunnambu in March 2015
  3. We have black spots on the Amla fruit, and sometimes the whole fruit is blackened

What we don’t do

  1. There is no periodic irrigation, the Amla trees are dependent on rains
  2. Fertilizer Applications – We used vermi compost in 2012, 4 years ago and after that no other fertilizer or nutrients or foliar spray applications were provided. This is standard in our area where farmers in our locality do not provide any fertilizers or nutrients
  3. We do not use any insecticide or pesticide or

What would I like to do?

  1. Improve the yield of Amla plants and bring them back to the 60-70 kgs yield per tree per year
  2. Increase the fruit size
  3. Stop termite attacks and remove all termites
  4. Stop pest attacks and diseases infections on the amla fruit

Locally, we have been recommended the following

  1. Stopping termite attacks – Clearing of the basin around the trees and putting Surutta Podi (I thing Tobacco Powder)
  2. Improving Plant Yield – Providing FYM alongwith Complex
  3. No suggestions for black spots

I shall appreciate receiving suggestions from experts on this group on how we can improve yield; stop termite attacks; stop pest attacks and disease infections and increase fruit size

Look forward to hearing from you all

Thank you

P S Krishnan

Krishnan Sir,

We face similar problem,
Our yield has dropped from 10 kg to 4 kgs, Cant find any termites, Dont know the reason…
Can you share some recommendations based on your actions further this post.