Amla cultivation in high density?

Anybody cultivated Amla under high density or traditional density?
If so, could you share your experience?

Also, could people share their views/suggestions about the marketing aspects of it as well as value additions (juices etc)? What is the scope of Amla ?

Dear Mr.,

In Tamilnadu Wellness Agro, Coimbatore they are making lot of products.

Plse visit their  farm and get the details


Biofarms also planning to grow Amala Trial Plot (2 Acres)  to study the nutritional aspects to

improve  crop production, offseason production, Post harvest technology    2. Amla suagar candy  3. Amla - Passion fruit soft Drink etc…

Thank you

Good Luck


Thanks. Where and when do you plan on doing your trial ?

Dear mr.

I am busy with establishing Agri Triaining Center at  Idukki  for Cardamom farmers.  Second Phase

find our reliable sources  to get planting material.

Some informartions Received--  Periyakulam farm planting material available.

Thank you

I have more than 1000 fully grown and yielding trees, marketing is a problem,

When the come first, Yield just started, then it fetches marginally better price, then as day passes yield grows, then the buyer comes with typically lesser prices.

Overall we can get a average price of Rs 12 to Rs 15 per kg in the field (When I used to take it to market it fetches Rs 30/ but higly flucuating, many players come in, in the form of loaders, un loaders, other commission agents)

On the yield side every 3 years one time completely yield stops, root grub, stem borer, Asvini issues are plenty, some times results in complete drying of fully grown tree

Location : near Aundipatti, in Theni dist of T.N

Regards, V.Siva Rathinam