Aloe Vera farming 1.5 acre

I am planning to start working on planting aloe Vera in 1.5 acre at my land. Please let me know any organisation or company doing buy back contract.
Water available with wire fence and well connected with road.
Land is located in gulbarga dist karnataka.


if some one has contact, Pls do fwd.

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My sincere advice, plant only half of what you can sell. Even, if you CAN afford to experiment - growing on that scale without prior marketing study, you will have a sad story to tell. That sad story will demotivate all the enthusiastic people and will have a ripple effect.
Considering its health benefits and medicinal value Aloe Vera is a good plant but a synthetic version of it is available in the market at a very cheap price. Learn from others mistakes.


Thanks for your valuable advice, information about marketing :+1:.
Please let me know any other crop or plant based on your experience.
Thanks :blush:

supper informative post this is good idea.