All excited on the first step towards actual Dairy Farming

Hi Team,

After few years of wanting to be a farmer, few months after the first discussion on Dairy Farming with a relative who has 2 cows for his house hold and many many hours on the internet researching. I finally have decided on taking atleast the first few steps before taking my life in that direction.

All excited on the first step of attending the training in Indo Danish farm in Bangalore from 23rd  :slight_smile:

Anyone from this forum is going to be there?

Dear nitin,We wish you good luck for your future endeavor. Enjoy the training and do share the experience…_prathap.

Hi Nithin,

Hope your training was good and useful, even i am planning to quit my job and start small dairy farm.

Can you share your thoughts from the training which will be useful for me as i might have missed the training.

And wish you all the very best in future

Contact # 07829913105/09545685588

Hi All,

Training is going on good… it will end this Saturday, tomorrow. I have learnt a lot of things in this, I will try and sum up everything in 1 post if not will split up the entire stuff into 6 different parts (6 days).

Awaiting tomorrow noon; when I will complete my training and get my certificate. :sunglasses:

HI Team,

Training completed, got my certificate too :slight_smile:

Im carrying back lots and lots of positives from the training which Im eager to share with the community here. However there was 1 negative too :frowning: I had to take 1 week off from office… and it took me till today to make some time out for the replies.

I have started a new topic about my entire journey - hopefully real time - so I would be posting the learnings from the training there. I would request you to follow the below link and continue reading there.

My apologies for the inconvenience and abrupt ending to this thread… … o-farming/