All about Ginger cultivation

Dear Experts,

I would like to know every thing about Ginger cultivation.

I have the following information, please correct me if I am wrong (all the numbers below are per acer).

  1. Best time for plantation is June-July.

  2. Traditionally cultivation will take 8 to 10 quintal’s of seed. If shoots are cut and grown in prortrays it will take only 1 to 1.5 quintals, which can be later planted in the main land.

  3. Beds should be of 2 feet height and one feet in distance between the beds, so that rain water can be easily drained away.

  4. Yield is normally 150 - 220 quintals.

  5. Red loamy soil, where water does not stagnate is good for ginger.

  6. is it possible to follow palekar’s method in ginger cultivation or inorganic method is better.

  7. Which variety is better. If the market price is not satisfactory I can dry it up and make sunti.

  8. Which variety does not have fiber like texture in it.

  9. I met a farmer who does ginger cultivation. He told me that, if you cultivate ginger in an acer of land, you cannot cultivate ginger in it again in next 4 years. Does ginger uses all the nutrients in the soil ? How to regain the fertility of the soil ? Leaves of Which leguminous plant has nitrogen fixing ability.

  10. Land preparation. What measures I have to take so that my first ginger crop is a successful one. I am planning to cultivate ginger in June 2015. I have 10 acers of Red loomy soil. and currently maize, and pulses are grown. 

Please provide any information relating to rhizome plants. what they require, what measures have to be taken so that they increase the weight, best practices etc.

I know my post is bit long and my questions are endless… hope all the answers at one place will help others who are looking for similar information. Thanks for your patience.