Algae Farming

Algae: The New Oil.  It’s renewable, does not affect the food channel and consumes CO2.  To learn about the fast-track commercialization for the algae production industry you may want to check out the National Algae Association.

What is Algae farming? How is it done?

All you need is land, (unarable, marginal), water (wastewater, brackish or salt), nutrients and clean CO2.  Algae can be grown in raceway ponds or closed-loop photobioraectors (horizontal or vertical clear plastic tubes).  Algae biocrude oil can be made into biodiesel, biogasoline and jet fuel.  Algae biomass can be made into food (Spurilina), feed, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, organic fertilizer.  Also can be made into nutraceuticals (Omega 3’s).

To learn about algae go to  Too learn about algae farming go to National Algae  Many farmers are starting to scale-algae farms on acreage in the open or in greenhouses in the US.