Algae Farming in Greenhouses

Algae is the fastest growing plant in the universe.  Some algae can harvest every 24 hours. Not months like terrestrail crops. Algae can be made into high value nutraceuticals Omega 3’s, cosmetics, feeds, food and fuels.  Commercial algae farms using ‘closed-loop growing systems’ are scaling up production inside greenhouses throughout the world.

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anyone who has done algae cultivation in India? Is there any scope for it?

Spirulina has scope. Post processing needs little amount of machinary and skill.


kindly advise the method of cultivating spirulina organically.

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Growing Spirulina is one of the easiest to grow.  The major concerns in the US and other countries is how it is grown (ie., quality of water and air). Every algae raceway pond in the world experiences daily contamination and low productivity. Most commecial algae producers stopped growing in raceway ponds years ago and are now growing Sprirulina in closed-loop growing systems using quality water and air.  Governments have been shutting down algae ponds due to the contamination. That is why Chinese investors are investing in algae farms in the US. There is a huge market for quality algae products in the US.

Many algae farmers in the US grow much  higher value algae products then just Spirulina.  There are commercial algae producers shiiping spirulina with C of A’s to India.  They are also commecially growing algae for nutraceuticals Omega 3 EPA/DHA, cosmetics, feeds and food.  In order to be profitable on algae biocude oil for renewable diesel and jet fuels without any government subsidies you must be on at least 100 - 200 acres.

In Tumkur somebody is growing & producing capsules. I will try to collect more info. See if you can contact Mallikarjun Hosapalya Editor of sirismvrudhi Magazine(publsihed from Tumkur). I remember reading his article on this.

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Did you get to collect info on spirulina grower near Tumkur? If so plz share details.

If you have worked out cost of cultivation, weather, viability in non-greenhouse set-up, kindly share your say.

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I wanted to grow Spirulina and contacted few people. One in Chennai (Conducted by someone from Sri Lanka who is settled in Tamil Nadu) a non profit organisation

They have also video

My understanding in India difficult to sell. Unless we have contract  agreement.

Most of them produce inorganic way. Only Parry produces organic way and they maintain confidentiality. I have consulted few professionals who have  doctorate (phd) in Bio technology, Biology etc. they all told me organic way the yield is less and not profitable.

International Market (ASEAN Market), spirulina from Australia and NZ seems popular. But based on my internal feedback Parry export to Australia, Singapore etc.,

So if we produce Organic Spirulina and contract farming with export agreement then sustainable.

Feed Grade Chlorella and Spirulina samples available 

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