Alfalfa growing procedure


I am new to farming.

I have alfalfa seeds (bought it from HYD).

I soaked alfalfa for 24 hours and then broadcasted in tilled soil. Kept the soil wet for another 24 hours using canal irrigation. Its been two weeks, nothing came out.

If anyone have knowledge/experience about it, please share it.
As of now, I am into natural farming. No fertilizers have been used.


Dear sir
The correct technique to grow any seed is as follows:
1irrigate the field and let it get dry in sun for 5-6 days till it is fit enough to get tilled without forming clay lumps i.e soil should be nearly dry with minimum quantity of moisture contents.Now this is the soil in which you should sow the seeds.
2.Soak the seeds required for germination overnight after tilling and let them get dry so that they do not stick in your fingers.
3.Spread the seeds through broadcasting method or in line in the field.
4.Cover the seeds with thin layer of dry soil
5wait for seeds to start germinating
6Stop the enthusiasm to water the field till all plants grow up to 2-3 cms height
7 After wards irrigate lightly or as per requirement.No over irrigating
Remember it is good that you take help of some good farmer in your area.In addition may be that the seeds were spurious.You planted seeds in improper manner and inundated field with water as a result seeds went in deep soil and a layer of hard crust surface formed suffocating all seeds in the soil itself.
Though it is optional but You may send 5-10 seeds in an envelop to me at below mentioned address for trial testing of their germination percentage and to ensure that a cheat in seeds market is caught before he/she damages many.
Medicinal Plants Research & Propagation Society
B-63,Sector-J,Rail Nagar(Ashiyana)

My Mob phone No:9956201856

Dear sir,

I appreciate your valuable feedback.

I will follow your procedure as I used only some fraction of my seeds.

As I am trying different seed varieties, I will send some to check germination percentage.

ZBNF farmer,

Dear sir
I wish you all the success.Pl get seeds from authentic sources since lot many wrong persons take farmers for a ride by selling non germinating or old seeds at exhorbitant prices
Medicinal Plants research and propagation society
B-63,Sector-J,Rail Nagar(Ashiyana)

Thanmk you Sir for Providing GOOD Information about Alfaalfa Farming.Kindly advise whether the Climate of Hyderabad is suitable for the said Crop.If so what is the Income Per Acre (Maximum and Minimum).

Alfafa is legume Fodder. Used mainly for cows,horse fodder.

Are you a diary farmer?

It is high tolerant of drought so Hyderabad has no problme at all.

I dont think it has good market for human consumption. It is also used for medicinal purposes.

Dear Dixit,

Can you please elaborate the transplanting procedure for vegetables like tomato, brinjal etc?

At what height we should remove for transplanting?
What should be the soil status ie should be dry or wet?
Suould be irrigate the plants after transplanting in the next consecutive days?


Dear Mr rajsekar,

Where did u get Alfalfa seeds in hyderabad and what is the cost



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