Alfalfa as a feed stock for dairy?

We are planning to start a dairy farm in karnataka near bangalore with 10 cows we’ve a 2 acre land can we grow alfalfa plants for feeding it ? will it work for the cool climate soil is grainy black cotton soil

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dear farmer,wishing a best of luck for ur upcoming dairy project with 10 cows.Alfa Alfa is the best feed with rich in protien (about17% in good keeping condition) and i think for ur climatic condition and agro condition it can be grown, but dont always try to feed alfa lafa alone ,try to make alfa alfa hay by making silage and ulternate with maize as maize is king of fodder particularly for dairy animals,generally we dont propose alfa alfa more than 15 %in total mixed ration for dairy ,so use ur 2 acre land with plaaning so that maize and alfa alfa alos be can grow over…

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dr feroz

Dear MR. Feroz
          What are the other feeds that can be grown as a feed in moderately cool and dry climate.??

Alfalfa is like side dish for cattle, it cannot be whole fodder for getting maximum results.
You should have combination of fodder crops which give balanced nutrients for total growth of animal.
Mainly dairy is like a small baby which requires your presence at round the clock. Are you ready to be with dairy farm?
You only should be their to monitor for best results, dairy requires dedicated owners not workers please note.

Dear sir,
            Me and my partner friends are ready to dedicate our life into this…!! can you guide us how to calculate the right amount of land required for 10 cows throught the year, as buying feed from outside is uneconomical and not good for long term self sustainance… we are ready to invest on land and make our own grazing pastures… please help me out in this regard

Thank you

Dear Pawan,
2 acres may sufficient for 10 cattle with self sufficient not only for your cattle, but your feature life too.
Better not to depend only on dairy, in addition to dairy, you can go ahead with other income generating activities also.

Dear Mr. dns 1807

we are doing this with 10 cows to gain knowledge and depth into the field of dairy farming our actual plan is with 100 cows… we’re 2 engineers and 1 Msc biotech as for our qualification with no knowlegde of farm cows… we’ll do it and go in deep after 2 years… the picture is not so rosy but we’ve hands to handle it…

but what do u mean by other income generating activities?? wormi compost etc is it ?? or someting else like mushroom growing etc ?

Dear Sir,
Dairy itself is an ancillary activity under Agriculture.
Lot more income can be generated apart from dairy if proper plan is set in the initial stage.
While growing fodder for dairy, you can grow other crops,trees for income generation.

can i call you up and talk sometime if you don’t mind…?? lots of discussion to be made with you sir…

Thank you

Yes, You can.