AirCompressor or Submersible - Which one suits when there is limited source of water from 1000 ft depth

Dear Friends,

I reside in a village nearby to Madurai, part of Tamil Nadu state. We own a farmland of 5 acres, in which we recently dug a borewell for 1000 ft, as our farm land heavily rely on the borewater only. We installed submersible motor of 7.5 HP capacity and started yielding water out of it. It pumps out 1.5 inch of water for about 1 hr daily. This borewell is more likely to deplete in the coming months (in Summer, We face water shortage in other borewells every year & other nearby farms too). So I thought to replace this Submersible motor with an Air compressor, as i heard from some of my local farmers that Air Compressors can play well, when water availability is very scarce.

My Question is, Which motor suits well for my purpose, given that my borewell will have limited water source in one or two months. Can anyone please suggest or advice on this?

Please note, am aware that replacing to Air Compressors will cost more, but i have no other option to save my crops and trees which are worth more than the motor replacement cost.