Agrowon krishi mela at pune by marathi agro daily

Hi All,
  a agro mela by renowned marathi agro daily is going on at pune from 1st dec till 5th dec .

Is it possible if any of members at pune can attend and provide info ?

Address :
Sinchan nagar, range hill road,  pune kvk ground. Pune.


Hi Prashant,
i was eager to participate in this krishi mela yesterday, but i found there is no such event! since the agrowon site is published in marathi, i could not decipher the event info. i even called the agricultural university to check if any such event is happening, but they had no info.
meanwhile there is another agri-event happening in pune. The Kisan Expo 2012 begins on 12 December. is that the same event?
please check and confirm … -expo.html

    this event was not kissan expo as you mentioned. It was arranged by marathi newspaper sakal from 1st to 5th Dec.
You can attend kissan expo and update us . Pune/Kolhapur area is hot bed for agro industries and you will see lot of innovative products/services there .