Agri is it business/Industry/investment etc.,

Agriculture Land is like Mother - She would not make you loss if you treat it in a right way

We are in a project of Agroforestry plantation (eculyptus) buy back with a State Goverment owned enterprise, it required 4.5 Million tonnes of woodpulp, is producing different varieties paper of acceptable quality primarily from Bagasse and pulpwood and currently taking up the expansion of paper production capacity from 2.45 Lac MT to 4 Lac MT per annum. therefore, it requires continuous availability of about 4.5 Lac MT of pulpwood per annum. Against this backdrop, it has embarked upon development of plantation and launched a plantation scheme called FARM FORESTRY SCHEME

Any agricultural project involves some amount of risk in it, as agriculture is subjected to vagaries of monsoon which is not under the control of the farmer. To compound the matter further, unscientific approach by the farmer without proper understanding of soil health, wrong selection of crops and inadequate funding leads to ‘high-risk zone’ that is called AGRICULTURE.

We have prepared a significant project, wherein importance has been given to solutions (to risks) and thereby eliminating risks in the planning stage itself. The main ideas conceived by us to make our project a grand success are summarized here below:

• Selecting drought tolerant tree varieties for drought prone area.

• the selected crop is some of the fastest growing trees in the world.

• the crop have adaptability to varied soil / agroclimatic conditions.

• No need for fencing the crop area as cattle do not graze these two crops.

• Possibility of theft is almost Nil when compared to Horticultural crops.

• Selection of Hybrid clonal Eucalyptus for higher yields.

• Procurement of high quality planting materials at concessional rates.

• Planting coincides with the onset of North East monsoon, hence mortality of plants will be Nil and their establishment in the soil will be far better.
• It has been planned to provide sufficient plant spacing for efficient use of machines instead of manpower for deweeding.

• Marketing the harvested produce is made simpler by entering into ‘Contract agreement’ with the market leader - Government owned factory

• Harvesting cost, Loading cost and Transportation of pulpwood from our lands to the factory will be borne by them thereby saving not only our money but also our precious time and considerable energy.

• As Eucalyptus has coppice capability, the plantation can be retained for 18 years.

• We can get more income from the ratoon crops of Eucalyptus because of faster and more cycles and reduced expenditure in the ratoon stages.

• Free technical assistance for planting and advisory services after planting can be had from the factory

• the company and M/s Forest College and Research Institute, (FC & RI) Mettupalayam are Consortia partners in the NAIP-ICAR sponsored project. Hence we can avail free technical assistance from FC & RI also.

• We can arrange inspection of our fields by experienced officers from the ‘Forest Department of Tamilnadu’ and the scientists from ‘Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding’ (IFGTB), Coimbatore also.
Hence, considering all the above positive features I invite you to participate in our project in whole as per the project implementation schedule for attaining a 100% success in this maiden venture.
Please feel free to contact us at any time for your query

Those interested gives us your contact details, i will send you the project report

The first project is going to be in 100 acres come be owner of the land get registered in your name have agreement directly by you with the State Government owned public limited company. get minimum assured returns 100% and the value of your investment goes to 300% and more


4 to 5 year old eucalyptus wood rates are between 2000 to 2500 for farmers land is a big rates now around Bangalore.
These eucalyptus absorbs heavy water and nutrients to grow fast. Eucalyptus grown land certainly become barren at the end.
Having such poor record, whether this crop is required?
I say NO.


Now the rate of Eucalypts may be around 5000 in open market. There is no buy back, you have to go for farming on your own without any support. Here, the company giving buy back also it is a government owned company they spply quality seedling, they support in all the way from plantation to harvest. They take back the wood from our farms they spend cuttings charges transports labour etc on their own.

Every plant in the word takes water from the earth and gives it back to it.  Eucalypts trees takes extra water and gives you in the atmosphere keep the climates cool, you know how bangalore was in past and now. If the climate is cool, it will attract rain clouds also The FPC is working in partnership with organisations that wish to reduce their net greenhouse gas emissions, to plant tree form and mallee eucalypts as carbon sinks. These plantings absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere storing the carbon in the plant’s roots, stem and branches. These plantings must remain unharvested for a long period of time to qualify as a carbon sink under the arrangments.

Everything in the world is having good and bad. Even every human is having two faces good and bad character Everybady knows how tree cutting is going on in India. You are also know how the climate of bangalore has changed because of  reduce of green cover.  If we plant a Eucalypts farm, atlest 15 years a earth get green cover.



The fact is Bangalore & its surroundings was very green with traditional bio diversified trees. When these Eucalyptus & other tree varieties were planted, then Bangalore’s green charm is reduced.

There are plants for which less care is required for short term and they give valuable fruits, timber, oxygen,shelter for birds manure, releasing lakhs together water/hydrogen etc to atmosphere for centuries, such are the real contributers going green/cool climate.

The latest fact is government is banned planting of Eucalyptus and ordering to remove the plants already standing on the lands belongs to individual along with government. Wherefore plantation of eucalyptus in Karnataka is not possible please note.

I’m interested on this project. Can you please send me the project report.