Folks please be informed that there is a event in Bangalore see below link for more info.

This was a Food processing,Dairy and Poultry Exibition. Lot of food processing/preserving/packaging machine companies had stalls.
Floriculture tissue culture labs also had stalls.

Agriculture Dpt of Odisha had a stall with display of patented verieties of rice. I checked for some fragrant rice. They had 100+verieties. They have patented with farmers name who has preserved it.

I checked if the seeds are avilable, Dpartment can give seeds in 100gms but they can give farmers name and contact. Most of the verieties were tested in 9 geographical climates and conditions across India.
You must sign a contract for using the seeds with same brand name as patented.

Please contact Director, Agriculture and food Production, Bubhaneshwar, Odisha. … ntact.aspx

I collected 1 piece of hottest chilli in India, it is from Maniur Agri university, let me try my luck if it germinates.

Hi Sri,

Thanks for the update. Few updates from my side.

  1. Farm machinery – Team Machinery from China
    1) Brushcutter – Price quoted $220 = Rs 15,000
    2) Multitool – Brush cutter, tiller and pole saw attachments $350 = Rs 20,000
    On Saturday we was willing to sell the machinery but on Sunday When I asked he said he has given dealership the price which was 20,000 on saturday became 32,000 on Sunday after the dealer took over :frowning:

  2. National innovation foundation.

  3. Tree climber from R-Tech agri – Coimbatore (I am already using this, its a good one)

  4. Arecanut cutter – I do not know much about it as I do not grow arecanut

  5. Ginger and potato seeder attachment for tractors invented by a gentleman from Maharashtra

  6. Instant tender coconut chiller

  7. Amla and other fruit processor
    I think more info on all above products can be got from NIF


Dear All,

Thanks for the Updates.

I missed to visit the exhibition as I was away on cousins Marriage.

Did any stall had a Wheel Hoe… I was trying to pick one but no luck.

If you anybody know any address where we get the same in Bangalore, please share.