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Hi All,

I am a software engineer and work at a big reputed eCommerce company in USA. I work on complex technical problems and feel that applying such technology to agriculture would be a boon.

To give examples of the problems we solve:

a. We crunch a lot of data and predict what kind of ads should we be serving so that we get the highest page visits and revenue.
b. Which customer is the most likely to buy an item?
c. What kind of products a customer would be interested in and how do we maximize our revenue from a single customer?
d. How do we optimize the supply chain so that we save a lot of money and could pass those benefits to customers?
e. What are the real time prices for products offered by different competitors and how do we real time optimize the pricing of our products?
f. How do we source products from sellers and how to connect buyers to sellers etc.

Long story short, we compute a lot of data and extract intelligent information and solve business problems at scale using state of art algorithms and technology. We also use latest tools of cloud computing and help create systems which optimize workflows for our business.

During my experience of solving such problems, I have been thinking of other applications of such innovative technologies in India and immediately felt that Agriculture seemed to be a market which is in need of such tools and technologies. Given that 60% of Indian population and 20% of Indian GDP comes from agriculture sector, any innovative solutions coming from application of software would immensely benefit our farmers and small businesses.

Examples of ideas for agriculture would be:

a. Gather a lot of data like real time weather data, historical data about what kind of fertilizers used, the amount used, the yield data, pricing information, data about diseases, real time data from sensors, irrigation etc. and extract intelligent information. The big idea is to convert the practice of agriculture from art and experience to being based on data.
b. Monitoring real time pricing of products.
c. Understanding supply chain for businesses and help optimizing that.
d. Helping manage end to end farming workflow. Getting real time status updates, managing labor, integration with smartphones, local languages etc.
e. Connecting buyers and suppliers real time.

My question to this group would be:

a. What do you think are your biggest requirements for application of software to your business?
b. What are the kinds of problems you or other people in the sector face where building such systems would be immensely beneficial and have big impact?

I also have a few other friends who are interested in this problem space and we would like to know more to see if we can leverage our knowledge and build good products for our farmers and agro businesses.

Hi rajesh  :

I working  in a  software  firm in  Bangalore ,India  ascend  to Position of  User Experience design .If  I could  be  of any help in developing  the  product  ,drop me a mail -


I am working in ERP industry as functional consultant. I had interest in your idea. By developing the software for the agriculture lot problems can be resolved. Basically i am a farmer how can i help you for developing the software. Really many farmers and agri based business  peoples in India are waiting for this type of  products.


To just give a small intro, Yuktix Technologies is also in the field of developing sensor based smart devices for agriculture and greenhouse and we are also developing a cloud service for the same. We had developed certain solution of getting data from devices(we had manufactured them), pushing the same to a server, analyzing them and getting some conclusion from the same. Conclusion means, some constructive data which is useful.

We are also thinking to do certain more analytic on the same. We are based in Bangalore. If possible we would like to meet you or talk to you and share some thoughts.


Shailendra Singh

while members at FN discuss about tech farming…

ViK the TiK and his team is working in their laboratory punching in numbers to make them into sense, adding to the high speed data relating and dependence software’s which are running on super servers all across the globe with a direct link to precision agriculture systems which are 24-7-365 monitoring our farms.

welcome to the revolution ladies and gentleman…