Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture event

Agritech 2018, taking place in Taipei, Taiwan is a 3 in 1 event covering the Agriculture, Aquaculture and Livestock hottest topics and latest innovations in the industries.
Here you can find loads of Investors and VC’s from all over Asia and the Rest of the World who are looking for fast-growing companies to invest into.
This is a golden opportunity for all of you involved in these industries to promote your business and engage with experts and professionals in the Agriculture field.

Don’t miss on the only 3 in 1 event in the region:

Reasons to attend:

-Explore innovative and more cost-effective solutions to benefit your business
-Engage with your industry community domestically and internationally
-Receive experts’ advice and feedback on the specific challenges
-Discover new ideas and concepts to shape your business
-One-stop station to meet your need
-Keep your knowledge and technology awareness up-to-date
-To seek investment and potential business possibilities via one-on-one business matchmaking programme
-A comprehensive and professional display to learn about cutting-edge solutions
-The best stop where leads you to success
-Look for new business partnership and social networking

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