Agriculture land required around HOSUR

Want agriculture land (2-3acres) around Hosur with budget below 6Lakhs.


You won’t get at this budget near Hosur. In 40-50 km the rates r approx 10 lacs +


Even around Denkkanikottai or Raikottai area, can we get

if your salary is above 2Lakhs per annum, you cannot own agri land,
if you are not farming full time and not farmer, you cannot own in KN state, pls reasearch again… rules are changing soon

@organicconnections, in TN there are no such restrictions. In KA, the restriction is 25L family income per annum, and that does not apply to plantations (like coffee etc).

is the 25L rule has already been passed in Assembly? :yum:
then its good thing to hear. by any chance do you have the G.O no# helpful to others pls

It was in the press a couple of years ago. Quick google shows Amendment 33 of Land Reforms act: