Agriculture land information required for mango farming in Raigad District



Can someone help me to understand the path for mango farming in Raigad district. I am new for this area and looking towards for mango farming there. I stay in Mumbai and planning to manage it from here.

What should be cheapest price for mango farming land in Roha, Kolad, and Indapur. I need cheap land to make my venture profitable. Also provide some basic information whether my decision is right.

Thanks for the help.

Birendra Singh


Dear Sri Birendra Singh,

I am a farmer farming in Karnataka, 75 kms from Bengaluru.

upto my knowledge, your area is good for growing Mango, particularly Alphonso. For farming Mango, even a visit, once in one week or 15 days is manageable.

I do not have any idea about real estate.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer
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Thanks, Rao.

Is someone from Raigad district on this forum? please help me to have a clear picture.

Birendra Singh



Raigad  provides ideal climate for growing mangoes. However if you consider economic viability of a Alphonso mango orchard Raigad district may not be the most suitable place:

  1. The alphonso mango from Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg which arrive first fetch a premium price (second half of April and early May). Later Alphonso from other places (mainly Karnataka and in late season from Gujarat) flood the market and prices take a dip.
  2. The area you are targeting is close to Dighi port. The land prices will be high (or very high) for farming purposes.

Please take this information with pinch of salt. I am from Pune.

Supriya Farm, Dhavali, Satara


Thanks Satish for the information you provided.



For successful mango cultivation, you need to start with basic soil testing of your farm. And then follow an integrated nutrient management to improved yields and incomes.

This way, you can also manage your farm over the weekends. Raigad area is ideal for mango cultivation and you will definitely be successful if you follow proper farm management techniques.

Do write back in case of any issues. We provide support to farmers for increased farm incomes.

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