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Organic Farming Magazine in Regional Languages

Dear All,

I want to report a magazine called LEISA ( which comes in 5 different regional languages namely Hindi, Kannad,Tamil, Telugu & Oriya as well as in English (ofcourse). It is absolutely FREE and you can download the magazines.

Please share this information to all the farming community which is of great relevance and importance.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Hi All?
I have another good news for you all who can read Kannada and Telugu. - Adike patrike - Krishi Munnade. - Annadata

Happy reading.
Do you want more? Than call Me.
Happy reading.

Thanks guys.

I want to add my 2 cents - “Pasumai Vikatan” is a fortnightly agri magazine in Tamil from reputed Vikatan group, coming for past few years. It has success stories of farmers (both Chemical n organic), more organic farming and self-made/old age solutions for practical problems faced in agri and so on…

I recommend this for sure. (available on 10th & 25th of every month, cost is rs.10 only)

Happy learning n discoveries in mother nature.

Kannada monthly magazine from Dept. of Agri marketing, Karnataka pat: … ipete.aspx