Agricultural land required


I planning to buy land around kollegala and get into organic farming or Moringa Farming.
This is about 5 kms from sathegala bridge across kaveri river towards kollegala.
Would like to know tentative price per Acer or any land if available I am interested to purchase at the earliest.
Any suggestions or advice on above is welcome.
Thank in advance

  • Sathya Prakash

I have 5 acres agricultural land 18km from Malavalli towards Bangalore. If interested, kindly contact on my email ' ’ Thanks.

The soil in kollegala area is polluted due to heavy chemical use. Too much sandy. Watet is also heavily polluted.
The question is would it be proper tp go for org farming thete due to these condyraints. You are the judge.
Malavalli land can be lòked into