Agricultural Land Design

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I would like to know from the members, what type of Agricultural Land Design have they implemented in their own lands?  I request the members to share them for the benefit of others.

I came across 2 designs and I share them below:-

Design 1

Rows between plants - 12 feet distance
Space between plants - 10 feet distance

Design 2

Rows between plants - 25 feet distance
Space between plants - 16 feet distance

Note: The space between the ROWS can be utilized for growing other crops like grasses, dals, etc. (Even Fish Ponds)

I am not sure which is a perfect design and would members to throw in their suggestions/ideas etc.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Mind sharing where you came across them please? Just curious


I think its a myth about designs on farms. Very rarely we come across square or rectangular shaped lands.

I have seen usually in large tracts of land, in between there will be a small path made for the movement of tractor. Usually 6 to 8 ft width. Mainly for off loading compost etc.

Here in karnataka I could see most of the lands are made into small plots called “pathis” typically 100 ft by 80 ft. but no rules here, and on the bunks of these Pathis trees are planted. Coconut, Jack fruit etc etc. The bunds are also used for men / cattle movement, which also forms the borders !!.

The plots are usually used for mono crop pattern. But for horticulture the pattern is specified by the inter plant spacing.



I admit I do not understand the question  :-\

Did you mean spacing between trees, Padmanabhan Ganesan?

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The sources are Makkal TV program and internet (I think it is Vanashree and GreenLocal).

Design 1

Row1Tree1 <10feet> Tree2 <10feet> Tree3 …
| 12 feet space between rows
Row2Tree1 <10feet> Tree2 <10feet> Tree3 …


Row1Tree1 <16feet> Tree2 <16feet> Tree3 …
| 25 feet space between rows
Row2Tree1 <16feet> Tree2 <16feet> Tree3 …

The above designs are mainly applicable for Horticulture including Fruits Trees & Timber Trees etc.

I am not saying the land need to be Square or Rectangular but whatever the shape of the land, we need to maintain the distance between the trees for optimal growth.

Has anybody come across more designs or even architecture of the land for visualizing the entire area and for better utilization.  Please share.

9840807817 … ement.html

TOC of above link

Establishment of orchard
Location and site
Preliminary operations
Planning of an orchard
Laying out of orchards
a) Vertical row planting pattern

  1. Square system
  2. Rectangular system
    b) Alternate row planting pattern
  3. Hexagonal System
  4. Diagonal or quincunx system
  5. Triangular system
  6. Contour system
    Plant population equation
    Planting distance
    Factors which decide the planting distance
    The total number of trees per hectare for various important horticultural crops under a) square b) hexagonal and c) triangular system of planting
    High density planting system
    Advantages of HDP
    Characteristics of HDP
    Planting system for HDP
    Planting season
    Planting methods
    Mix Cropping
    Multitier system of cropping

hope this helps


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I have gone through the link earlier and anyway thanks for the same.


Spacing will depend on the crop…
In Ultra high density mango, it is 10 ft…whereas in traditional mango plantation it is 33 ft (plant to plant)

Hi All,
See the fun in planting of multi crops.
Any Main crop spacing 36X36=1296 Sqft.
Within 1296 sqft of land you can plant 81 plants of horticulture, vegetables, fruits,  and many more as inter crops. Tamarind is big plant and small plant may be beans.

If you take rubber tree as example, its reco is 10 X 20 ft.  This is generally done  east-west and north-south directions.  Better space on north-south make it have have better sunlight.  Distance is based on the plant you select.  Above spacing will not hold good for say coconut or banana.

Nature proposes. But human unable to understand and act according to their own little knowledge,
Nature has got huge power and coordination to give life for all plants,animals.

Again planing of their agriculture activity lies on their own decision.
All the best for all efforts for setting up of their Haven in their land.

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                  Is this hebbe falls and when you had been there


The above picture of Abbey falls at Madikeri was take about one year back.