Agri Newspaper / Magazines

can anyone suggest any national / international agri related magazines / paper ?
Not online, but in black & white. and in English. which is shipped and circulated in Maharashtra, India.

See a list in below link. I have subscribed for sharad krishi. it is little agri business oriented rather than agri technology.

me no understand the info in the link… :frowning:

i am looking for something in english, related to new techonology, crops… growers… u know something useful for a farmer.
something which i can take to the farm and read in free time.

i have a new paper called “Agro one” which is pretty good and informative, printed locally near Nasik, Maharashtra, but unfortunately its in marathi only.

Check leisa India, I did not find it more informative. You can see pdf version for quality of the magzine.

Indian coconut journal(Govt owned)

another one is “agriculture & industry survey”. ( you can google to find contacts)

I think you are looking for books like ANNADAATA is ther in telugu but in english i am not sure…i will try to fetch some books onlinee…