Agri lover NRI wish to start a Natural / ZBNF at Karnataka

Hi moderator and all farmer friends…
i am a follower of this blog from past few months, and got addicted to this blog after reading experienced members informative posts, answers. So i desided to join this blog with you all to learn more about agriculture / farming etc …

i am working abroad from last 16 years, and now tired mentally and physically with the machined life. so wish to back to my motherland soon. As all of u know that there is no pension or any other financial security / income for an NRI once he back, so i wish to do something which wil give me a helathy life, peaceful mind and some income.

Basically i am from kerala, Now a days the agri. land in kerala become hot cake and not getting for a minimal price. I have some close relatives in karnataka, from them i come to know that in karnataka, to get agri land is not a big task (but follow the govt. rules)

so now i am looking (my relatives already start) some land in Hassan District. my plan to get 10 to 20 Acres of land, especially plain land which not done any agriculture before in some remote area, but making sure the road access, Electricity availability, type of sand and water availability.
My plan to do farming as Zero Budget / Natural farming. Now come to the point. I have few doubts, hope the farmer brothers in karnataka can help me in this matter.

  1. There is plain land available in remote areas which we can convert as a Natural farm ?
  2. What type of crops mainly cultivae in hassan district ?
  3. can i cultivate coconut, Arecanut, pepper, Nutmeg etc. ?

someone said to me that in hAssan disrict pepper & Nutmeg will not grow, is it right ?

May be my questions are childish, but i will make sure my dream come true, and i expect all support and help from our all members in here.

Thanks in advance …

Dear Friend anuampady
First of all you are welcome to the Farmers’ August body which is proud to be the feeding hand for the entire nation.I am not sure about hassan District but I do not think there is some obstructing factor for growth of nutmeg or pepper there.The area across vindhyas is excellent and its climate is good & soil is fertile.The public is sincere,hard working( no doubt crooks exist everywhere,even in heaven)  so you will find good conditions for your work.Please drop the idea of zero budget farming(it is shallow approach) since soil requires nutrients (like a child bearing mother)and you may like to give the same either through vermicompost,farm manure,green manure or chemical manure.If you do not provide nutrients to soil,your products will be small in size,poor in quality and suffering from poor productivity syndromes.When you commence your agricultural practices seek the help of some share cropper and keep watching his actions to learn more and more for some time.After some time you will learn the tricks of the trade & grow well to do excellent work.You can call me in case you feel the need of a benevolent friend on the Farmnest.My e mail;

Dear Dixit bro.
Thank you for the greeting and the detailed reply.
As of now my plan is to do only cash crops for the first 5 years, then slowly to short term/food crops.
i wish to follow Palekar ji’s ZBNF formula, Trenches, Multching and with Jeevmrut and related stuff. Once i finalize about the land and looking the water availability i have to finalize i need tranches or springler or other watering system.

That is the reason i am looking for the land which is not used chemical fertilizer’s before.
The latest up-date is, one of my uncle who live in Hassan district found around 25 acre land which is an un clultivated forest type land. i may going to see the land by next month.

Will inform u the up-dates :slight_smile: