Agri land price

My friend wishes to buy agricultural land in Murbad area near Kalyan. What are prices of 1 acre Land close to main road. What care should be exercised while buying land in Murbad area.

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Prices are from 15 lakh to 20 that too very inside of murbad

In Mysore farm land available at 6 to 7 lack rupees per acre.

Around Murbad, Land close to main road cost above 25-35 Lakhs.
If you try just inside from main road will cost you around 14-15 Lakhs per acker.
I Have 9 acker land for sale, just 1 km from main road.

hi is it possible to send me the pics and location pin on my mobile 9573177059

The land near Mysore is ok for you

Hi Riyaz, share the details of land near mysore. Would be keen if the price you are talking about it is available


I am interested to buy agriculture land in Mysore provided there is good water. Please provide me more information.
Mob. 9886931195

This Mysore district near kabini damp water build area . There no water issue. Price around 7 lac . Now you have make a bore well to cultivating. Water level is very high
Reply if u interested

I am interested please send details to my WhatsApp number 9343780218