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I am a farming enthusiast and would now like to start my farm. I do not have any formal education or experience in agriculture. I have been in search for a suitable land within my budget for a long time. I have found a parcel near Zaheerabad 90Km from Hyderabad.
I am looking for guidance from all on how to get going. I would really appreciate if you can guide be on the possible pitfalls and caution that I should exercise before stepping in.
If there are other members from Zaheerabad and Hyderabad who can guide me in person then it would be really great.
I can be contacted on my email id
Thank You
Amit Goenka 

Hi, you might want to take look at my criteria.

Dear Mr. Chandra,

Thank You for the link. This is really helpful.

I have few dilemma going in my mind which I am listing them down -

  1. I am not a localite but a migrant to Hyderabad from north india. I do not know the local language and do not have local contacts. How critical are these factors for being successful in agriculture and in place like Zaheerabad

  2. The parcel of land that I have shorlisted, prima facie looks good - both in terms of topography and soil. However, I would certainly require an expert opinion on soil and water. How and where to find such an expert?

  3. Once soil & water is tested and found suitable, how do I go about with crop selection and next steps? Would you recommend self discover through trial & error or hiring the services of a consultant?

I for sure do require lot of hand holding.
Thank You
Amit Goenka

Hi Amit

About 10 years I was looking for land near Zaheerabad, in a place called Kohir mandal. As far as language goes, I would not worry too much as there are a number of people from out of state who own land in Hyderabad and most of the people can communicate in two languages, especially near the andhra border.

There is another organization called Deccan Development Society which is very active in Zaheerabad. You might want to touch base with their KVK to get some insights.

There are some articles on the web from the GSI about the soil conditions and water availability. Most of the soil around that area is mostly laterite ( or at least that is what it used to be). Might want to check all regarding water availability.


Hi Shiv!

Thank You for your response. I would certainly connect with Deccan Development Society and check what all support they can provide me.

You mentioned that you were looking for land in Kohir mandal. What happened - did you not find land in your budget or was it not suitable for your needs.

I have interacted with few indviduals in and around Zaheerabad and they did understand Hindi. I did not face a language issue so far. How about law and order? Is there any form of extortion or coercion or political pressures?

Can you connect me to people who have farm in that area so that I can get to learn from their experience.

I am sure you can sense the anxiety from a newbie

Thank You
Amit Goenka

Hi Amit

In those days, I was looking at acquiring a sizable piece of 300-400 acres. The problem was that the land was still to be acquired and there was an issue with some folks not wanting to see in the middle.

I am not in touch with anyone out there, but I do see some articles about DDS and organic farming. I believe the folks are very nice in Telengana and quite misunderstood. Fortunately I have had exposure to meet only hard working decent people, who are very protective of you.

As they say, if you are good, others will also be good. It all depends on you


Initial phases of the farming till you purchase the field and so on… You wont see any problem.

When it comes to working with “work men”/labours, you will see many issues until you have local support. PLANNING is much important, if you are looking it as business…

well said

Hi Amit,

Your scenario is same as mine, I am also from North India and have already bought the land for natural farming. You may read my experience in my farm website

Anybody (North, south, east, west, outside India) who is interested to get my experience and see the farm may visit my farm, I will be more than happy to share my experience.


Hi Veeraanj,

Help me understand what kind of problems to anticipate while working with workmen / labourers?
Are the problems more around asking for higher wages or wasting time or some other issues?

Have you faced this issue in Zaheerabad area or Bangalore?

Also, please help me understand what all you mean in "Planning"
Thank You
Amit Goenka

Hi Sheo!

I went through your blog sit. Its informative and inspiring.
How to connect with you?

Hi Amit,

There is Contact us page on my blog, you will get email id and phone number to reach me.


Hi Amit, I am farmer. If you are looking it as business then first important is planing.  You need to test your lands soil, water, anti-protection on insects . I think you can create Nursery, because many peoples are attracted by flowers, Mostly  rose. In this nursery you can get different-different flowers crops, fruits crops. You can select those flowers or fruits this are better demand in the market. I think, this is great business for you.

efarm chennai conducts agri-entrepreneurship training every month on the 1st weekend .

it is meant for beginners and hence suoted for anyone looking for starting a farm, agri business , or a rural enterprise.

Venkat (IIT alumnus) and Srivalli (MBA-ICFAI) are both from non-agri backgrounds and after 12+ yrs in corporate career started efarm 4 years ago to specifically look at supporting farmers in key areas of marketing, supply chain, distribution, and technology.

For more details refer to :

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