Advise required to start a new farming project

Hi All,

My name is Abhilasha Agrey and I am based in Mumbai. I own a half acre land in Nashik, which I had bought with the idea to do some farming. I am currently working in Mumbai and keen to take up farming as my full time opportunity. I am keen to take up organic farming/marigold cultivation/exotic flower cultivation in this half acre of land

I will appreciate if anybody can guide me on the following:

  1. Do you need any formal education to begin farming.
  2. Can the above farming options be implemented in half an acre of land.
  3. Does the goverment provide any help in terms of loans and subsidies for first time farmers.

We had grown soyabean on the land a couple of years ago but that was only to check the quality of the soil. Currently, the land is barren. My husband and I very keen to make the land useful and productive.

Looking for guidance, help and support in this regards.

Thank you,

Dear Abhilasha,

For exotic flowers or vegetables one requires polyhouse in terms of getting best yield.
Nashik has a huge market for it please search in you  nearby land area for hi tech/protected farming.
As you told land is barren so for going into organic it will take time and returns will be less.
At the end its your decision what option you want to opt?
All the best.

Thank you so much for your prompt response. Really appreciate it.

Would you be kind to help me with any contacts in Nashik area whom I can contact to get some guidance (i have my maternal home in Satpur and the land is also in Satpur).

What do you think of Marigold farming? Can this be done in half an acre of land?

Thank you once again!