Advice wanted : setting up 1kw solar cum wind power gen system

Hello All,

i want to set up a solar cum winder power generating system of 1 KW on my farm. main reasons for which I am doing this are :

  1. conventional electricity source is far from land and would cost me close to 2 lacs to set up poles ( 4-5 poles from source to land), cables,labour charges and clearances.

  2. solar energy is present 24x7 and basically free barring initial investment cost and nominal maintainence. Plus land has plenty of sun and open space.

  3. land located in windy area. The people who studied the wind suggested to go for a hybrid ie solar cum wind system. so we may end up installing small wind turbine + solar panels.

I NEED to know what approximate cost to expect from such a proposal? are there any caveats i need to look out for?
pls share your comments and opinion - thanks

Hi Devyani,

Renewable energy should serve you well. Instead of spending money on extending grid supply to your farm this would be a better option. If you are in a windy location the combination should serve you well.

Here is the offering from one vendor, take a look and contact them regarding pricing. … qflex.html

Good luck.

Jai Hind

Dear Devyani,

I would not recommend wind power generation unless;

A)You require alternate power during non-sun hrs
B)If you are unable to accommodate sufficient solar panels
C)You go for a inverter transformer based model(costly - vs VFD) instead of VFD model, as VFD models are very sensitive to voltage surge’s(especially incase of wind power)
D)You are willing to incur recurring maintenance which are normally associated with wind plants

My advice to you;

A)Identify your water needs
B)Identify your pump which will suit your water needs
C)Identify power requirement of your pump & other loads if any
D)Size solar setup to match your power needs

One of my blogs here also discusses pro’s & con’s of AC vs DC water pumping as well.

Hope this helps!


Saravana Kumar
Greencurrent Solar Energy Systems

Following link may be of some help:- … solar.html


T Shanmughan