Advice on sustainable farming with assured returns for Mango orchard

I seek advice and professional help in managing and running a large mango orchard ( read 60 acres of 2500,15-year old ,kesar mango trees ). The farm is located in northern Maharashtra , district: Nandurbar; accessible to urban markets ( Surat 125 km; Indore 220 kms and Nashik 200 kms.). The orchard is self sustained with adequate water, the mango plants were sustained by a drip irrigation for the entire orchard with a spacing of 10 metres. On account of the large land holding, and attendant logistics , the farm has become unmanageable as also due to its remote location in a tribal district of Maharshtra. Agricultural practises  have ensured  the use of organic fertilisers and the cultivation of legumes  in the initial stages as intercrops to ensure the fertility of soil. Adequate storage space is available on the landlords residence which could also  be modified if need be. I seek help and advice on integrated pest management of the orchard as also to ensure an adequate return on investment. I am employed but my elder brother manges and stays on the farm and could be contacted at Kirtisinghrana@ for an on the spot assessment. This year has produced very  dense flowering in the trees  with the setting of fruit already in some parts of the orchard  which would yield fruit in the markets by the first week of April. We seek guidance and professional help in the marketing of the fruit as well. Visuals could be sent on request of the orchard and its environs to individuals/parties  who are keen.

Please send me photographs of the orchard. We have a organic farmers group and the members help each other to overcome the info / technique related issues. If you have any specific issue you can get back to the group at

Have you heard about Ultra High Density Mango Plantation ? Most of the problems in traditional plantations have been taken care of in this Plantation Pattern.

Similarly for marketing you can think of starting a CSA with Agro Tourism project through which you can reach directly to the consumers.

You can meet me on skype 'orgagro" and yahoo messenger ‘apjoglekar’

Wishing all the best

Anant Joglekar

Are you there? can you come back with present condition of orchard?
Check your inbox in this forum as well as your mail box.


We can provide you end to end consultancy for your mango plantation.
Currently we are developing mango farm for one of our clients in Nasik district.
As you have planted mangoes on 10 M spacing and the trees are 15 years old, there is scope of going for intercrops. We can select the intercrop based on the agroclimatic profile of the land. This will help in optimum use of resources available at the farm.

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