Advice on buying an agricultural land in Karnataka

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I’m looking to buy an agriculture land in Karnataka but I’m basically from Telangana holding some 3 acers of land here. I’ve read few threads on the same topic in this forum but all of them were prior to 2015. So, wanted to know the latest status as to if I am eligible to buy and is it good to buy the agriculture land in Karnataka.

Could you please guide me?

Thanks in advance.


Any suggestions please?

you are very much eligible to buy land provided your non agri income is less than 25 lacs per year. you have agri land in your name which is what is required to be eligible.

Thank you Ujwal ji for your response. For the 25L income restriction, what should we show as the proof?

you can show ITR for previous years, you can also do an affidavit stating your non agri income has not crossed 25 lacs in the previous years.

Is it just for immediate previous year or for a specific number of years, please?

ITR of last 10 years will be best. if you have not filed then you can provide whatever is available.

I suggest you meet a lawyer in KTK, near to where you want to purchase the land and show your present land records. KTK land rules are complicated, your land holding in other state should be from certain years, etc. The lawyer can guide you and if required, meet the Revenue officials also in advance to know your eligibility.

Thank you Ujwal ji, for your inputs.

Thank you Bose ji, for your inputs.

You may read this article

Any Agriculturalist can buy the agriculture land in Karnataka. Affidavit is enough to states that your income is less than 25 laks per annum.
Apart from that, you can buy Estate Lands ( with out any restrictions.

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