Advice on Agriculture/Horticulture

M.Venkataraman, Bangalore.


Good day to you.

I want to buy 4 acres of agricultural land in Tumkur district. The soil is Red soil , and around 150 Coconut trees are planted–some are giving coconuts and some are newly planted. There is drip irrigation from a borewell which the seller tells is sufficient.

I want know whether other crops can also be planted along with the coconut trees in the space between them. If so which crops are recommended and which should not be planted with coconut trees.

Please advice me on the same after which I can proceed with the purchase negotiations.

Thank you.
With regards,

Hi Venkataraman,

You negotiations should/can be based on the local land price + any profit from the current coconut trees + expected profit from the growing coconut trees.

You can go for Cocoa, Banana, etc inbetween or even grasses for the Goats.