Advice for crops with soil report

Dear Members,

MY FARM SOIL REPORT: pH-5.6; OC-0.14; EC-0.5; Phosphorous- 0.4; K-110 kg/ht.

Plz give me suggestion of quantity of gypsum and fertilizer to be used per acre for cultivation of cauliflower, potato, spinach, onion etc.

Thanks in Advance.

Your soil is not saline. Good point.

N Kg/Ha:  ??    Benchmark should be 425-475Kg/Ha
P Kg/Ha: 0.4Kg/Ha  This is too low.Bench mark should be 25Kg/ha
K Kg/Ha: 110Kg/Ha  This is low. Benchmark should be 250-275Kg/ha

What is organic carbon %? This is also important.

For onion and potato Please check Zn and Fe also.

Organic Carbon is 0.14.

It is too Low. at least 0.5%. If you increase this you will get good PH.

1.Use pressmud compost this is the cheapest organic material available now.  390/- ton(excluding transport)
2.Have a crop of green menure. ( seed cost Horsegram 45/-Kg, Alfalfa 260/- Kg Sunhemp 65/- Kg. These are excluding subsidy)
3. Use vermicompost (3500/- Tonne)
4. City compost -enriched with bio cultures(2200/ tonne)

All above are the steps to increase organic carbon. If you follow chemical farming or organic or any other style you need organic carbon.

Thanks Ms. Sri.
Right now I am doing farming with using chemical fertilizers.
Please advice that all 4 are required to be used to increase organic carbon or using one will be all right for the crops.
What will be FYM quantity required to increase organic carbon?
As per your advice N, P and K are low. Please advice how to increase them also.

No. You can follow any one which is cheap and feasibile for you. FYM will add NPK but lesser organic carbon.

If you use fertigation and water soluble fertiliser this is to follow or increase it by 20%. All below are to be splited for throught the crop.
N200: P250: K250(you can reduce this by half)

N200: P125: K125(you will need only 15Kg of K)

N120,P240,K120 (you need only 10Kg)

N60:P60K30 (You dont need K)

Dear Mr. Sri,
Thanks very much. I am a farmer of Odisha.
Can you please let me know about the availability of pressmud compost ?
What will be the quantity required to be applied in one acre?

Pressmud is available in all sugar factories. Usually agents buy it in bulk and they resell in small quantities. I dont have any Odisha contacts. If you check with local agriculture dept. They will have some contacts.

Pressmud will be available in raw form, you will have to compost it.

Can you please advice me the procedure for compost pressmud.

  1. spread pressmud 1ft height on ground.
  2. spread Poultry manure 6"
  3. Use compost culture or use cultures Azospirillum,VAM Pseudomonas, Trichoderma.
    4 Srpinkle Cow dung and gomutra Slurry
    Repeat the same untill the heap is 4Ft tall.

Keep 4" pipe in between while piling up. When heaping is done remove the pipe. By doing this you are creating air passage. if you dont do this, you have to mix the compost once in 30 days.

If you use compost culutre it will get converted in 30-45 days if not it takes 90-100 days.