Adapting Rubber smallholding to ZBNF

Dear Friends,

I am total newbie to farming ,so pls bear with me.

My farm currently has some 9 acres of mature rubber which is in its twilight years (22yrs)
but still producing reasonably good yield. Very limited use of weedkillers and chemical fertilisers over the years but last 2 years  none used
upon my insistence as I realised the damage being done to Mother nature.

I propose to incorporate ZBNF within the existing rubber trees by felling selected trees with low yields to make space for ZBNF.

Any suggestions as to how best I can do that and the suggested crops and layout to achieve my objective.

Many thanks in advance.

Check below thread, this is also similar to ZBNF … /#msg12470

In my opinion you can rejuvinate your existing trees(no replantation needed), this is what he is doing. I dont have any more information on this. you will have contact him contacts are given in video.

Thank you very much sri2012.Very intriguing and it is fortunate that I have a little understanding of Malayalam.

However what I had planned was to intercrop  other food plants with the existing rubber using zbnf towards food production for my own consumption as well as resale.The gentleman says you have to plant all crops of the same species together or monocropping.That seems to contradict the celebrated zbnf farmer (sorry cant recall name offhand) who uses the 36’ x 36’ plot and 9’ x 9’ subplots with various different crops.

Maybe the best option is to clear an acre or two for zbnf food production and create a separate micro climate for that.I will ponder on the options.Meanwhile any suggestion to achieve that objective of mine will be appreciated

Thank you very much once again for the input.