Accommodation of cattle during hot season

I got this impression that cross bred cows and HF COWS are not suitable for hot reasons near Rajasthan and some parts of Haryana
and my plans to open my dairy farm in these area only but in this part we have sufficient supply of electricity by which we can make the
arrangements of comfort according to them so this one of my main concern that should i go ahead with these (cross breed and hf)breeds
or should i adopt the local breeds because local breeds are not good for dairy purpose (the temp. goes till 40.c to 44.c ). 

With best management practices fro cattle shed during hot seasons will address excess heat in dairies.
Place cattle in open hose which is constructed with locally available farm produce with low cost.
Apply lime paint on the top of ac or ge sheets fitted on the shed.
Install sprinklers inside the cattle shed.
Grow more shade trees around the cattle shed.
Keep drinking water round the corner all 24 hrs a day.
Allow air to circulate  and exhaust as soon as possible.