Acceptability of farmer certificate from rajasthan in maharashtra

Dear farmnest members
I am particularly looking for land purchase in maharashtra.
I m not farmer but my father is farmer. I am thinking about getting land and farmer certificate for rajasthan which seems completely legal as it will follow complete approvals from concerned authorities.
I want to know do they accept this as farmer status proof while purchasing land in maharashtra.
Also, if my father is farmer, how can i legally be a farmer being his son.
Plz suggest.

You can buy agri land in Maharashtra since your father is a farmer. You don’t need any certificate from anywhere.

You are a farmer since your father was a farmer,you need not take certificate from Rajasthan,how ever while purchasing the land in M.S. You will have to provide 7/12 details of your father thats all.Let his land be any where in India.

Hi sir
Thanks for your prompt reply.
Actually i will buy land in MH on my name and not on my fathers name.
In 7/12 of my father, only his name is mentioned as owner.
So, if I want buy on my name possible ?

The registering authorities of MS will use your fathers 7/12 for the registration in your name,fathers name will not come in it ,you are unnecessarily confusing the matter.This is only to verify whether you are a farmer or not .

It is possible to buy agri land in your name when your father is an existing farmer.

Does the Same applies if My Mother is a Farmer in Gujarat and If I am buying the Land in Maharastra will it work will they Register the Land in my Name

Some members have told if your father is a farmer you are also a farmer. They are not telling how though. Here is the details about father->son farmer title flow - at least in Hindus (I don’t know about other religions). According to Hindu succession act a child inherits the property by birth. Therefore a child has inherited part of father’s farm land as soon it is born - meaning child is also a farmer if father is a farmer. In some states (Karnataka for example - I know because I bought farm land 2 years back) it is mandatory to produce farmer certificate to buy land if there is no existing land record in buyer’s name. What I mean is - if Mr. X’s father is a farmer and Mr. X is not having any farm land in his name then Mr. X has to produce farmer certificate when buying farm land in the name of Mr. X. In my case I first applied for a family tree in the jurisdictional revenue department office where I reside. Family tree should show father-son relationship (you may include others in the family tree if needed). Tip: Having “good relationship” with local village accountant will make things very smooth. Then I applied for farmer certificate in the jurisdictional revenue department office where I reside attaching family tree and a copy of land record (RTC - Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crop information certificate) in my father’s name. Revenue department issued a farmer certificate - which was attached to the set of documents for registration and also a copy of farmer certificate was given to the revenue inspector for khata transfer of purchased land in my name. Hope this is useful for people taking this route to buy land.

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Thank you for the details Ravi. Will the same process work on the Mothers side of Family?
My grandfather(moms dad) was a farmer and is no more, but we still have some land on his name. Now my mom married and moved to Mumbai long back. one of my uncle and family still stays in our ancestral house in the village. What can I do to get a Farmers certificate in my Moms name? And if i do manage to get that, can i buy land on my name if my mom gets a farmer cert.