Abs semen for cb hf cow

Hi everyone,

Can please someone explain me , what will happen (in terms of milk yield) if we use ABS SEMEN (jersey ZIG BULL, DAMS yield is 9000ltr per lactation) in crossbreed HF cow ( giving only 6 ltr/day) for second calving.

Please let me know will it be any advantageous or not. As im just budding in dairy farming need your help…

You say your cow yields 6 l/day
That’s too less even for crossbred cow
On an average that cows lactation cycle will yield around 1200-1500 Larson in lactation cycle
Using ABS zig will definitely improve breed quality but since your cows yield is very low,using ABS semen is not worth
Yield improvement will be 300-500 ltrs per year( in the offspring)
Few important points
ABS has three milking per day( not the usual twice a day milking)
9000ltrs is best lactation yield( mostly third lactation)

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Thanks for the info sir…

Actually it ws giving 9 ltrs/day( which is also less, for 1st lactation) , due to improper feed management the yield is reduced. Do you think we can increase the yield of the upcoming offsprings by using ABS semen?

Now the selection of semen (bulll) is totally changed, it is not done on the basis of dam’s yield but on the basis of genomic breeding value. It is more reliable method for srlelection of breeding bull for genetic improvement in the progeny.

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Yes, whats is the best way to improve the breed quality from our native cb hf cows? In terms of yielding and good physic…

Like the best approach i can think of is, procuring the young animals from our local farmers and the insemenating with best semens availabe.
Is it a best way?