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I have a 9 acres of land and I have planted fruit yielding trees. Due to the recent rains wild grass has grown up to 2 feet high. IAM not going for inter crops. Should I go for regular way of tilling to remove the grass or go for only grass cutting or leave it to dry ? Please advise.

Motivator will uproot the weeds and incorporate with the soil. Surface will not be covered with any weed residue.

Regular tilling may not uproot all the weeds unless repeated for sufficient times

Cutting / moving may help prevent soil moisture evaporation; but weeds may regrowing sooner

Please read motivator as rotovator

Sivaswamy garu,
Thank you for your advice.
I will try this.

Hello, I want to start Dairy farm near Bangalore. I want to buy about 5 acres of land with water facility. I want to buy land at cheaper rate. If any one has land may contact me.


I am looking for some 10-30 acres of agriculture land for agro forest with integrated organic farming including livestocks. Any leads please.

Currently I’ve started in Tuticorin which has saline water in bore, yet planted trees a year back (1 year old) and have grown 10-20 feet with drip irrigation. Next phase is integrated crops followed by integrated live stocks. As the water is salty/ bitter, planning for RO plant which has a TDS above 6000. Any advice.

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